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Re: Iui
Nov 8, 2005
Tiff24 - First off, Welcome to the boards. I have confidence that you will find much support here, as we all have.

I have been through IUI 3 times, getting ready for the 4th time. I was on Clomid the first 3 times and I am now taking Repronex injections and trying again.

As most things are, IUI is different for everyone. I have had a couple times where it hurt terrible for a couple of hours and some times where I had minimal cramping during the procedure and was fine after. I think mine was due to my Cervix not being in the right spot and the doctor having to "move" it out of the way. Either way, the pain was nothing that I haven't felt before and nothing that couldn't be handled with Tylenol, so please, don't let me scare you.

It's basically a small tube that they insert up into your uterus and push the sperm out the tube and into you. Some docs will have you lay down for 15 minutes before you leave, some have you get up and go right away. I had IUI on 2 consecutive days, following several ultrasounds to confim follicle development.

What is your "diagnosis"? Do you have male and/or female factors??

Good Luck to you and, again, Welcome to the boards.

Baby Dust to all!!

Re: Iui
Nov 9, 2005
Sounds like we have a bit of the same problem. I also have Endometriosis. I have had 3 sugeries over the past 13 years or so. I have had it since I was very young, as well. At the time, they didn't know what it was, I think I was actually diagnosed when I was 17, but had it since I was 14. I did BCP's, as well as Lupron after the first surgery. The last time I had surgery, last month, was the least amount of endo that they found. Both my doc and my RE say there is no reason I should not be able to become pregnant.

Are you seeing an RE or an OB/Gyn? I have been on these boards for quite a while and I have always seen people tell others that they should find themselves an RE for these problems. I always thought my doctor was doing great for me. He put me on Clomid and did 3 IUIs. He referred us to the RE after 1 year of TTC and she is amazing. The one thing that I am a little dissappointed in, is that she says she thinks Clomid is a waste of time. She said, "don't get me wrong, it works for some, but very few". My GYN did tell me that there are some negative side effects to Clomid and it seems, that is what has happened to you. The RE started me on Repronex right away. It is a bit more expensive, but if you get it overseas, it is MUCH cheaper. Anyway, it does not have the negative side effects that Clomid does and it basically does the same job (creating more eggs). My concern for you is, if you are not releasing the eggs, how is IUI going to help you? Or did they do surgery to correct your ovaries not releasing the eggs? I am not trying to discourage you in any way, just an observation that I see from reading your post. The questions that I have seen asked in the past and would ask my own doctor. But, of course, not knowing your entire situation.

Anyway, Sorry this got so long....GOOD LUCK to you both. Oh, and I can relate to the DH getting frustrated. Everytime I am late and take a pg test and it is negative, he swears it's WRONG...until I get AF. =) This is the first month that I really have high hopes and I am praying I don't get let down! The most amazing gift I could get for Christmas is a BFP!!!!

Good Luck and Baby Dust!!!!


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