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Re: The dreaded 2WW
Nov 29, 2005
Well, I'm not even sure when AF is due in my case. This whole IVF process is nuts. They had me wait till AF started, then put me on birth control pills. I took those for a total of 14 days. On day 9 of birth control, they added Lupron shots. After 5 days of that, they had me stop the pills (but kept taking Lupron shots) and wait for AF again. It started 3 days later. Then the following day I started Repronex shots twice daily, along with the Lupron (one shot daily). After 9 days of Repronex, I stopped the Repronex and stopped the Lupron. That night (on a Sunday) I took the HCG shot. On Tuesday morning they did the egg retrieval and fertilization. That day they started me on progesterone shots, 1cc daily. On Friday, they transferred two embryos to me. That was on Nov 18th, and the dreaded 2ww began! Since then, they did a blood test on the 23rd. They found I was still low on progesterone and doubled my injection dose, plus put me on 3 vaginal suppositories daily. I went in again on the 28th and tested fine, so thankfully no more changes. Now I just have to wait until Friday, the 2nd to test. Anyway, I guess my whole point (I get sidetracked easily) is that with all the hormones I've been given, (14 days of pills and 53 injections-55 by the time we test-sad I know I counted) I have NO CLUE when AF would be starting. I'm not sure if it would even start while I'm taking so much progesterone, pregnant or not! Anyway....sorry for being so long-winded!
Re: The dreaded 2WW
Nov 30, 2005
Well....I had 18 Lupron shots in the belly. The nurse gave me the first one, then after that my DH, my daughter, and I gave them. The nurse then gave me 2 of my 18 Repronex shots. Those go in the rear. The rest were given by my DH and daughter. My DH gave the HCG shot in the rear. The nurse gave the first progesterone (also in the rear), and my DH and daughter have given the rest. I can't quite reach the rear to give those myself!! And who knows how many times they've drawn blood....I've lost count!

I go in at 9:30 Friday morning. They didn't say how long it would take to get the results. I know the last two times they had me go in for blood tests, I went in the morning and then they called me around 3:30 in the afternoon with the results. I hope it doesn't take that long for the pregnancy test!

It's kind of cool that you are in Egypt and I'm on least there is someone else up at the same time to talk to!

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