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I have another question about clomid. Has anyone taken it and noticed their ovulation was 2-4 days later than usual?

Thanks for the info. I'm usually a late ovulater anyway (CD21) and in the next couple of weeks DH and I will be in Hawaii. It's funny how months ago I thought of the fantasy (and unrealistic) idea of getting pregnant in Hawaii (my O wouldn't end up that time). But, I was late on O by couple weeks last month and started AF 11 days after that. So now, hopfully I'll be O'ing when I'm in Hawaii. We may not be leaving the hotel much! :-0

thanks again. New to this infertility thing and it's a bit scary, depressing, and frustrating for me.

boboblue- have you taken OPK when on fertility meds? I've heard that the tests can be positive for a few days. I'm going thru my first round of clomid now and have no idea what to expect. Thanks for the encouragment.

Good luck with you too. It's a bit easier to know that I'm not the only one going thru this. My sister and her husband both had problems and finally ended up adopting. I'm concerned that I may end up in similar shoes since her husband is my husbands brother. But, I have secondary infertility, not sure if that would make a difference.
I am also secondary infertility. I really believe that it will happen for me and you with time. Doctors know a lot about our bodies, but there is much more to this then just science. Yes I do test with OPK just to make sure that I ovulate. I have not ever gotten a false postive, but that does not mean it can't happen. The only real problem with the OPK is reading them. Unlike a pregnancy test where if you see any line it is usually positive, in OPK the test line must be DARKER than the reference line. Now if you are like me, any LINE is cause for celebration. It is hard to make sure you don't jump the gun. Once I do get a positive LH surge, I go it for a shot of HCG to make sure I ovulate. With this you must wait at least 10 days before testing for pregnancy, and a side effect is that you get all the symptoms of pregnancy. Sore breast, fatique, and all that lovely stuff.

You are going to do great. Don't be discouraged. You have a lot of options ahead of you before you have to go down the path that your sister took. I will be thinking about you as we start this phase.

Baby Dust.
So Bobo, you wait for your body to begin ovulation and then you give it a boost with the HCG? Maybe that's what I need to do? I was taking Clomid and was supposed to take HCG needles on cd 12 + 14. But since I run 34 - 37 days.....I was thinking that I prolly O'd on cd20. So I felt like I'd get better results if I took the HCG later. My problem is I'm in Egypt and the doctors here aren't the it's a little of what they say....and a little of what I learn on my own. What do you think? And explain yourself so I can understand, ok?
i had been wondering the same thing about success rates with clomid. the only thing i've been able to find so far states this:

85% of the people who have become pregnant with clomid had it work during the FIRST round.

so, it sounds to me like if clomid is going to be the thing to help - it normally does so in the first month. very depressing news for so many of us that are past the first round.

BUT - this is all i've found so far. i'm gonna keep looking.

i've had horrible reactions to clomid the last two months - this time around i had so much pain on my left ovary that it caused me to walk with a limp - and i have been taking 800 mg of advil to help with the pain.

i had to see the doctor this week - but MY doctor was on vacation so i saw another doctor in her group. it was a waste of time because all he did was press on my stomach during the exam, hear me cry because it hurt, and then he says "oh, that's strange" and tells me to come back next week to see MY regular doctor. oh, and, my bloodpressure was 140/100 - and he asked me if i was on medicine to control it. that TOTALLY freaked me out - i have NEVER EVER EVER had high bloodpressure in my life. in fact, my bloodpressure has always been great. when i told him that, he said 'oh well maybe it's high today because of the pain you're in'.

i was frustrated because i WAS in so much pain, then he tells me about my bloodpressure and says 'come back next week'. my exam time with him was, no lie - probably 2 minutes. argh.

but, he then commented to me that he didn't know why my doctor has me on clomid if i ovulate on my own. from what i understand - and it makes sense to me - is that it's to improve my ovulation - and hopefully increase my chances for pregnancy. i'm 36 years old - and after the age of 30 women's bodies drastically reduce the number of eggs ovulated.

my doctor only has me on it for 2 trys. and i think it was a good place for us to start as far as trying to help things along.

anyway... sorry for rambling....
thanks KFGirl... :)

my OBGYN put me on clomid for the two rounds and then told me if that didn't work she wanted me to see an RE. i see her this thursday - to follow up from seeing the kwack doctor while she was away.

what is OHSS ?

thanks for explaining what OHSS is. i did look it up and i seem to have a bunch of the symptoms (abdomen pain, feeling full, significant weight gain, pain, shortness of breath, THIRST!, frequent urination - of small amounts, and, have i mentioned the pain?!?). the pain has subsided in the last 2 days or so (maybe because i'm not ovulating anymore?) - but i still feel the bulk of the other symptoms. i wish the doctor i saw last week would have done an ultrasound.

oh well. maybe i'll get more information thursday.

thank you SO much for the information!

tracey :)

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