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I'm not an expert on this, let me say that upfront. When I read your symptoms I immediately thought "thyroid problem" so imagine my surprise to read that they checked that and it came back normal. I have read that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose thyroid problems so maybe there is more testing they can do in that dept. If you do have PCOS, try not to panic. PCOS does not guarantee infertility. I have a friend with PCOS and she has 2 kids. There is a lot of research on nutrition and PCOS so maybe you could start to research that. You may also want to look into Vitex, which is an herb that has an excellent track record in regulating periods. It is most effective when the problem is hormonal, so it may or may not work for you. Nonetheless, you should look into it. Also, keep in mind that it takes the most fertile couple 6mos-1year to get pregnant. Contrary to what they told us in sex ed, it's just not always that easy! Try to be patient (hard, I know) throughout this and just know that the odds are good that you will conceive some day!

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