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I've noticed from other messages that when on clomid, many of you are getting HCG shots to make sure you ovulate. Is this standard protocol? along with US to see folicles?

My OBGYN put me on 3 rounds of clomid (I'm on my first) but didn't say anything about coming in between each month to observe with US or getting HCG shots. I feel like I was shoved out with some clomid and told if it doesn't work in 3 months come back, we'll send you to an infertility clinic. Well, I don't want to have to wait 3 months if I have the abilty to conceive now with some help from HCG shots. :confused:

I had the HCG shot while I was on Clomid, as well as u/s to track my follicles, but I was also having IUI done. I am not sure if that makes the difference or not. I know the u/s are very expensive and maybe for some reason, your doc doesn't feel they are necessary? Just trying to throw some things out there as reasons. Do you have a male factor or how are they explaining your infertility? I would say if you are curious, you should feel completely comfortable asking him why he is not doing these things. Not that you are questioning him, but just want to better understand the process.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck and Baby Dust!

Thanks. Doctor thinks I have LPD and that clomid should work. We're still waiting to send in the semen analysis. Very difficult for DH because of work schedule. The lab is only open certain hours and takes 20 minutes to get there. We're hoping to send in the sample soon.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I just had my HSG test about 2 weeks ago & my doctor said to call her on cycle day 1 to discuss the clomid.She did not say anything to me either concerning HCG shots or US. I wondered about this also. I have Insurance so thats not an issue. :confused: I should be getting AF next week (I know I am not getting a bfp :rolleyes: )so I guess i will be starting clomid too. I will definately ask her as I really don't want to mess around with this much longer.I feel my time is running out. :eek: Let me know if you find anything out from your doc!Good luck!
Let me just add my 2 cents here. First of all, with DR's you have every right to ask for what you want, and if your DR won't give it to you, switch DR's. I spent 1 whole year with my family DR telling me that getting 4 periods a year is OK, and putting me on progesterone to help me have a period....and the whole time me telling her I wanted to conceive. Only after a year of listening to her, cause I didn't know anything, and breaking down crying in her office did she realize I really wanted a baby. (she didn't even give me clomid) I switched DR's and was preggers a few months later. (my problem was elevated prolactin which she diagnosed in all of 5 mins, I was outta her office in 10 and happily pregnant not even 3 mos later) So my point is......if you think that you want the HCG needles as well as the clomid...ASK FOR IT. Don't go there beating around the bush, not wanting to step on their knowledge...they are human and don't know what ur going through. Now that said let me explain something in their defense....DR's like to use as little intervention as possible.....they slowly crawl up the ladder cause they are forced to. So he'll do the clomid...and maybe it'll work....if not....he may up the Clomid......if not....throw in see? If ur first month doesn't work.....get him to up the dosage of Clomid and give you the HCG. the thing about the HCG is that you end up KNOWING when ur gonna ovulate....very helpful in getting preggers. Keep reading the board, I've learnt TONS here......
Thanks SeekNFind for the info. I think I'll wait and see what happens at the end of this month. This is my first round of clomid (at 100mg). If it doesn't work then I'll ask DR to do something- probably the HCG shots.

I am on my 6th month of Clomid now, i started on 50mg and then went up to 150mg and my Doc has not said anything about HCG shots, i read in the info that after 6months of being on it they prefer you come off it for a while and try again! I have a specialist appointment today and so may ask about these shots but im not sure if they do them here in the U.K but its worth asking.

We are all in the same boat here and i really hope it works out for you, good luck and let us know how you get on, take care ;)

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