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Thanks for posting over on the 2WW thread with us. It's so exciting TTC.....all those positive vibes....and all the worries that come with it. Just sit back and do your best and the rest is in your bodies hands, right? Fingers and toes are crossed for you! Hope you post your results with us, Ravae
lbp - Just wanted to give you my experience with $$$ and IUI's here.

When I was seeing my regular OB/GYN, I did 3 cycles of Clomid with IUI and my costs were about $700 each cycle plus the Clomid which was about $50 each time. It breaks down like this:

Ultrasounds - $150-200 each (I had at least 2 each cycle)
HCG injection by Nurse - $85
Sperm Washing - $50
Insemination - $190-210 (I had this done twice per cycle, also)

I am now seeing an RE and have done 1 cycle of IUI using the drug Repronex and the costs were quite a bit more, around $1700 plus the medication was more expensive - in the states the cost would have been $1000 for the medication, however, I got it from London for $279...ask your RE if they know of anywhere overseas you can get the medication from...hopefully they can tell you where to go. The rest of the costs break down like this:

Ultrasounds & Bloodwork - $421 the first time, then $222 each additional time (we did a total of 4 u/s & bloodwork)
HCG - $35 (injection by DH)
Sperm washing - $190 (WHOA - that is quite a difference!)
Insemination - $170 (only did this once)
Antagon (medication to STOP me from ovulating too early) - $200

Just to let you know, when I got to my RE, she told me that she NEVER does Clomid, she thinks it is a waste of time, though most OB/GYN's start with it, as it is the least expensive...but it can have some very HARMFUL side effects when you use it for too long. Though, as you may have read, the Repronex had a horrible side effect on me, giving me Ovarian Hyperstimulation I guess it's just a matter of opinion from Doc to Doc.

Anyway, hope this helps give you an idea of what the costs were for me. I guess all together over the past 4 cycles we have spent $4400 or so for IUI and medication, as well as an HSG which was $700 and a laparoscopy which was $7000 (the only thing that insurance covered most of).

None of this is my opinion, if we get a baby in the end, it will be worth each and every cent, but where do you draw the line???? You can spend and spend and have no answers in the end....if I knew there would be a baby, we would spend everything we have, but with no gets harder and harder each time. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes on you and your body. :confused:

But, anyway....BEST OF LUCK and LOADS OF BABY DUST!!!!!

I'm anxiously awaiting a success story, it's been a while since we've seen one over here on these boards. :rolleyes:

Take care

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