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I just went to the Fertility Centers of Illinois for my first appointment with a RE specialist. I had been on Clomid for 6 months (4 at 50mg and 2 months at 100mg along with IUI). I got pregnant in June, and had a miscarriage in July. I have been unable to get pregnant again with the Clomid.
The doctor said that the Clomid causes thick cervical mucus and the endometrium(lining) to be thin. He started me on a baby aspirin a day to help with the lining and is seems to be helping. So basically, since I wasn't pregnant again, the Clomid would probably not work and it causes more negagtives than positives after being on it for too long.
I was already midcycle with the Clomid so he had me finish it and then we did an insemination on Wed. 12/28. If I do not get pregnant then we will do injections at home of Follistim and inseminations. He will do this for 3 cycles. If I am not pregnant at the end of the 3 cycles, we will do IVF.
Why do you have to wait until you are 30? I am only 27, I will be 28 in March. I just was curious as to the reasoning of having to wait. How long have you been TTC? It has been 1 1/2 years for me.
I have learned that I need to be in charge of what takes place with my body. I tell them what I want and then I hear the medical information that they have to give me. For example, my doctor wanted me to take a home pregnancy test but I really wanted to have a bloodtest to confirm. I researched about Hcg trigger shots and found that they could give you a false positive on a hpt. I went back to the doctor and requested a bloodtest. I told him that I really would appreciate if he could give me the test because I need to alleviate some stress and that would help a lot. He agreed and let me have the blood test on Jan. 11th.
My point is that it is your body and your heart ache, and most importantly your sanity. Though they are the doctors, they are not vested as you are emotionally. This is not easy to go through, I never could have imagined I would be in a situation like this. Everything you know and believe in is definitely tested to the ultimate levels. You are not alone in your feelings, I told my family that I hate myself right now with how miserable I am so I don't know how anyone else would like me and would want to be around me. I just hope that it will all end soon and I will have a healthy baby. I am breaking out on my face like I never have, I have gained so much weight, an I am a raving b%#!*.
Sorry for the long email! This is a great site because everyone can sympathize and understands what you are going through. I wish you the best of luck in the new year!

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