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Re: IUI questions?
Dec 15, 2005
Are you going to use Clomid while doing IUI? We did this for 3 cycles, then onto Repronex with IUI. I took the Clomid on days 5-9, started testing for ovulation with OPKs on day 11, went in for u/s when i got my LH surge to check to see how big follicles were. Got HCG shot when follies were at least 18 (they like to wait until 20). Had IUI on 2 consecutive days following HCG shot. Different Docs in the office had different procedures, one made me leave right away, one had me lay down for 15 minutes before I left...etc... This all took place with my regular OB/GYN.

Then I went to RE and started on Repronex. I went in for u/s on day 3 of my cycle to check for cysts or any left over follicles from last cycle. Also did bloodwork on day 3...not positive what they are checking for at this time, sorry. Started taking 1 shot a day on day 3, went back in on day 6 or 7 for another u/s and bloodwork, to check how the follies were growing (how my body was reacting to the medication). Started taking 2 shots a day from then on out. Another u/s on day 11 or 12, with more bloodwork (checking for Estradiol levels and LH surge). Found out I was having my LH surge before my follicles were ready, took 2 days of Antagon Shots to stop ovulation, along with my 2 shots of Repronex, next night at 10pm was HCG shot and next day was IUI, only one day. After the IUI they put a "sponge" inside of me, basically to hold the sperm up there...and I laid for 15 minutes with my knees up before I left. Resumed normal activity from there. Wait is 2 Weeks, just like pretty much any other procedure. Took HPT exacly 2 weeks after IUI, got AF 3 weeks after IUI. Now taking a month off of drugs to let my body get back to "normal" and enjoy the holidays with no "adverse side effects."

Sorry if this is TMI, Good Luck and Baby Dust!


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