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Hope2BMommy- I'm on my second month of clomid. There hasn't been any monitoring while being on it. OB said take these for three months, if nothing happens come back and we'll refer you to an RE.
His office called couple weeks back and said that I should go in for HSG after my AF (coming up). I'm planning on asking OB to please refer me to an RE now, I don't want to wait another month. In the beginning of my appt with OB, he said I would be a perfect candidate for IUI. Not exactly sure why he said that.

I just read in another board that it usually takes 9 days for the egg to implant. I'm not even 9DPO. My Luteal phase is short, hence I'm taking clomid for it. LP is usually 9-11 days. Last month after my first round of clomid, my LP was 13 days long! Last month we were on vacation and we BD quite often, so I thought he probably didn't make enough sperm right before I O'ed. This month we BD a day before I O'ed, but that was all. There was only one time I could have gotten pg.

And like I said in my last post, I've been taking vitex, red raspberry tea, vit B6 and B complex and have even started applying progesterone cream (but not much, since I'm not sure how much to apply). When I called my OB today to get my preogesterone level that was tested about 4 months ago, she said it was 15. Is that good, bad, decent?

I feel like I CANNOT wait another day to find out if I'm pg or not. I wish I could find out now, even if it's a BFN, just so I can have some relief. I'm trying not to think too much of it, but then my uterine tenderness comes back to remind me. It hasn't been tender as much today vs. couple days back.

Has anyone heard if the cervix can be a source to find out if you're pg or not? My girlfriend, who's also ttc, said that if you're pg the cervix will be soft. Mine goes back and forth from being soft to firm.

I know how you feel mommawannabee. So many of my friends are getting pg. I belong to a fairly large church and I know so many people are praying for us, for the last year! I know everything is in God's timing, but I wish I could have some patience, now!! ;) But, really, their prayers are felt. My DH is very patient and caring and a huge support.

I don't know if it's PMS or the clomid, but I've been really down these past couple weeks. I know clomid can affect your mood, but the only mood that's affecting me is depression. Is anyone else feeling the same?

Sorry for the long post.

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