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Ferndm, My husbands counts after washing ranged from 6mil to 10mil. My ob referred him to a urologist after having him give two SA and numbers coming back low (6 mil, and 12 mil). He saw one urologist and he confirmed the vericocele but would not do the surgery for 2 years. He said my husband was too young (27)which none of us understood, not even my doctor. He went to see another and she did the surgery. She is the one who put him on clomid. The numbers linger around the same area...never ubove 15 mil, but the mobility and morphology were always low. A person can have 100 mil but if only 25% have good mobility and/or morphology it drops it to 25 mil. Anyway, my IUI's weren't with injections, just regular clomidand they were all done after the surgery. I really didn't have a problem at the time, I ovulated it was just a matter of having enough sperm strong enough to make the journey. That was all 3 to 4 yrs ago. My husband and I made the choice to do IVF because of benefit changes when his company was bought out. We now are given $10,000 and IVF is covered so we don't have to dish out the full cost. Also I just turned 33 today and I feel there isn't much time. My day 3- levels are still good and aren't of any concern to my doctors, but my cycles are not as regular as they were (may be due to weight gain) and I recently had a laporoskopy done and both tubes have scarring and were blocked. Doc was able to open with applying pressure, but it was really strange because the HSG I had a few months back showed no sign at all of blockage. Anyway considering all the factors, IVF is the way we want to go. If it doesn't work at least I can say I tried everything I could. I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is now 11 and although I am extremely blessed for having her, she soooo longs for a sibling and my husband is soooo good to us and is so dedicated to our family he deserves to to experience pregnancey, doctor visits, baby kicking, and the birth. Hopefully God will answer our prayers and bless us all in due time.

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