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Hello and Welcome, Kristi~
I cannot give you my good news about Clomid and IUI, but what I can tell you is that, from what I have learned, in most cases Clomid will work in the first 3-4 months. Sounds like you are getting good results as far as follicles go...4 is a great number for Clomid. I never had more than 2 "Mature follies" in my 3 cycles of it. I also had one cylce with Repronex (injectible drug) which also produced only 2-3 mature follicles. My RE is willing to do one more cycle on Repronex then on to IVF, which we are not willing to accept. We are trying another route before going to IVF....

Anyway, don't give up hope on the Clomid, I know there are people that it works for and doctors do have confidence in it, that is evident because I think 90-95% of us on the board have taken it or are taking it. I am sure you are aware, but it can have negative side effects when taken for too many cycles in a row...just to let you know. Keep the faith and hang in there...we all know the roller coaster ride this is and everyone is here to support one another.

Good Luck and keep us updated. Baby Dust!!!!

As long as they are doing IUI, I wouldn't worry much about the counts. They will wash the sperm and get only the best, strongest ones for the insemination. I'm not sure what else they do for the sperm count. I have heard of some men on Clomid, but other doctors say it doesn't work. Who knows....

Good Luck to you!


okay, so I just read your post again and am wondering if [B]YOU[/B] have any problems. Or, is your only factor from DH?? We have male and female factors and I have been on injectibles with IUI. If you don't have any female factors, perhaps it is recommended to do the injections to be sure the follicles are developing before the IUI, I mean, you don't want to pay for the IUI if you do not have mature follicles in there to release your eggs. I don't know, just a guess...I do have a friend that has a husband that has O sperm count and is completely infertile and she had IUI done with donor sperm and I know that she was on Repronex, but I never thought to ask her if they had female factors, I always just assumed they only had the male factor. They had a boy 9 years ago and they also have triplet girls that are almost 4...both from the same donor.

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