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I cannot say that I understand what the levels mean as my doctor never actually tells me what my levels are, just that they are fine. So I guess I cannot help you there. I can say that I have had 5 IUI's and just did the 5th today with clomid, follistim and the HCG trigger shot. I had 2 mature follicles and 3 others that were borderline and DH's counts were all great. Is this your first cycle with treatments? Are you doing IUI? I would love to hear more about your situation. Good luck and Baby Dust!!

Thank you ladies for the responses! I always like to see what everyone is at to kind of put things into perspective (even though I know everyone is different).

Jayme- I have ttc for 1 1/2. We did clomid for 6 months (too long!), the last two months on clomid we did IUI. I ended up getting pregnant on the 2nd month of clomid, but I had a miscarriage in July:( I have been unable to conceive since.
We started injections at home of Follistim on this past Thursday night. I just went to the doctor for bloodtest and ultrasound and everything moved so much faster than they anticipated, we will be giving the hcg trigger shot tonight and the IUI will be on Thurs. morning (26th). I only had to do the follistim for 5 days! They told me it would be more like 10-12 days. So I am thankful for that:) I am so nervous for my husband to give me the hcg, it hurts when a nurse does it, I can't image him doing it! He has done very well with the stomach ones, so hopefully he will be fine with this one as well.
How long have you been doing treatments? I'd love to hear your story as well.
Good luck to you!

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