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Hi there! 70% is an excellent percentage!! :)

I'd been struggling with TTC for 7 years - my husband has excellent swimmers, so it was just me. I have endo and polycystic ovaries - we'd done everything [I]but[/I] IVF. We got the ball rolling for our first IVF September of last year, this is when I started the BC pill to start the initial suppression of everything. To sum it up, we had my egg retrieval Nov 28th and my transfer was done Dec 1 - I am 9 weeks and 2 days today with a very healthy pregnancy! :angel:

I probably gained about 5 lbs on the injections - not bad at all. But I cut out all alcohol and caffeine months before - I also kept up with exercising up to the point where it was just too uncomfortable to be too active ( right before your retrieval ) I had no really insane mood swings, I think that if I were to ask my husband if I was tolerable he would say yep! I had only one day where I just broke down in tears and this was after my transfer. I had an amazing 1st time experience with IVF. True, there are a lot of meds involved- you will be overwhelmed at the protocol! True, you will look like a pin cushion and be a bit uncomfy towards the end as you get ready for your egg retrieval, but that is all only temporary and as long as you stay positively focused on the possible outcome of IVF, that will get you through. :) :)

Good Luck!! IVF is an incredibly exciting journey and I wish you the success that my husband and I had with ours!

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