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I had went through two rounds of stimulation for IVF and 2 rounds of FET and finally got pregnant. Let me tell you my story as I believe I can give you a pretty good detail of what you might encounter as most things happened to me.


Male Factor Infertility. 2 million sperm only option was IVF with ICSI

First round

Birth control pills to get me on the right cycle.

Start stimulation
[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Follistem (subcu shot) not bad except the first time I gave myself the shot I about went all the way through my leg. Very funny in hindsight. Be gentle it doesn't take a lot of pressure to puncture the skin.
Emotional: Not too bad but if you were sad, you were really sad. If you got angry, you got very angry. But normal most of the time.[/COLOR[COLOR=DarkOrange]][COLOR=DarkOrange]Antagon: Burns when it goes in same with pergonal. My biggest issue with pergonal is that the bottle was confusing!!! Glass bottle in which you had to break the neck. Tip upside down and measure the amount. Very strange!!! [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Midral: Taste nasty but helps with implantation of the embryo. This is actually prednisone...not sure if you knew that or not. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Sienna][COLOR=Sienna]HCG[/COLOR]: Shot inter muscle. Wow...a little more painful. Had to have hubby administer. When I did this I was very excited as I knew retrieval was around the corner.[/COLOR][[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Ultrasounds[/COLOR]: Every other day for a week and a half to two weeks you go in to get scanned. They measure your follicules. Once you have a couple reach 16-18 they will let you know to administer your HCG shot. [/COLOR]

Retrieval: My doctor put me under and I actually used a breathing tube. Didn't know as they admistered this while I was asleep. I did have a sore throat when I woke up and I was a little tender in the tummy. They retrieved 16 eggs. 11 of them were mature and 8 of them fertilized. I went back to work the next day. I little tender but was able to take Motrin and felt okay.

Unfortunately for me the medicine that makes you produce eggs also made me grow pollyps. My doctor didn't want to implant a lot of embryos as he felt they would probably not stay. Ended up freezing 6 and implanting 1 (1 didn't make it to implant). We did a 3 day implant...BFN Oh I almost forgot the best part :rolleyes: The progesterone shots...ouch inter muscular twice a day!!! Once I got my BFN I stopped the shots.

I had my pollyp removed and went through an FET 5 months later. This time I was on BCP and lupron to supress me. Side effects from the lupron was the headaches and pretty PMS. Again I developed a pollyp but it wasn't as big so they went ahead and unfroze the embryos. 4 of them made it and were implanted...another BFN. Each time you get implanted you are on bedrest for two days.

Had my pollyp removed and descovered that I have hyperplasia so I went through oral progesterone treatment (3 months) and had another D & C to make sure that my linning was healed. Hyperplasia was gone and I went through another stimulation.

Jan 04: Start stimulation. On a heavier dossage of Follistem. Still doing the monitoring every other day and bloodwork. Find that my estriadial is very high and I have lots of follicles. Doctor advises a freeze all. I am very dissapointed. Go to retrieval and have 31 follicles retrieved. This time I am just have a local and did not need the breething tube. 26 of them are mature and 21 of them fertilize. I go home but am in a lot more pain then the previous retrieval. By evening, I can't stand up. I hurt so bad. Next day: having a hard time breathing feeling very full and not peeing very much. I am hyperstimulating (OHSS). I am given pain meds and sent home and told to drink gaterade. The next day I am throwing up and am worse. I am hospitalized and given an IV and strong pain meds. I am told to drink lots of water. 3 days later, I am released from the hospital feeling a little better. They did a freeze all because if I would have become pregnant the HCG levels would have caused the OHSS to worsen.

May 04: Start another round of FET. 6 are unfrozen and 4 make it 3 are implanted and I am happy to say I was pregnant. This time my protocal was different. I was on BCP, Midral, Progesterone and lupron but also Baby Asprin, and Heparin.


I started to spot at 6 weeks. At 8 weeks I thought I miscarried. I ended up having a sub-chorionic bleed. I was placed on bedrest. Stopped the heparin and baby asprin. I am still getting progesterone twice a day. can give them to you in the leg. At 19 weeks I am finally off bedrest and continue to have a pleasant pregnancy. I delivered a healthy boy at 37 weeks.

Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions!!!

Overall I gained 30 lbs. with IVF and 40 lbs with pregnancy. One year later, I have lost all of the weight and more!!!

Would I do it again??? Yes everything!!! I would go through it all because my dream finally came true. Nicholas is my life and so worth every pain and dissapointment.

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