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Hi, guys. Hope everyone shares their insight cuz I am going crazy. I won't go into all of our history but here is the short version. DH and I have been trying for over 4 yrs. Started with just male factors. Went though 2 failed IUI's..took a break and tried to decide what step to take. Through more testing I had a HSG done everything OK. Switched OB and found out she did IUI's. Decided to have lap done to rule out endo and other problems. OB found both tubes blocked...funny after HSG came back fine. She was able to unblock one with pressure and no luck with the other. Later she stated it was not blocked just spazmatic. We did another IUI in November. My cycle came exactly on day 28 however this time it only last 3 1/2 days and was very lite. I said enough is enough, found out we had IVF coverage...well $10 grand and made another appt with RE. Did the whole video thing and we were on our way. The insurance requires day 3 levels before they approve the IVF. Had it done in NOV and all came back good, but they want current ones. The clinic also wants to do a SHG to make sure there is nothing wrong with my uterus. I am now WAITING AND WAITING. I am on day 43 and have been waiting for AF. I started spotting last week brownish and only when I wipe. The clinic wants a blood PG test. Took an over the counter one and came back NEG. I know I am not PG. I was going to have one done today and I started spotting more. I was relieved, finally we can move on to the next step. Called the clinic and they want me there Sunday to do day 3 levels. My RE is 2 1/2 hrs away. Anyway, spotting has stopped. Back to only when I wipe. It is not bright red at all. It is dark red/brownish and slimey. I'm sorry for the details, but I can't talk to my right family or friends. My cycle has always been 32 days long with a good 6 days of bloodflow, now this. I just want AF to come so I can go to the next step. Has anyone ever experienced anything close to what is going on with me. What do you think it could possibly be???? Thanks for any and all info.

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