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I have been on Provera before to make me have a period and it worked, but that was close to 5 years ago. I was just recently put back on it, and took my first 7 pills the last one being on tues. and I have still not started my period. Is there something wrong? has this happened to anyone before? your help woud be extremely appreciated.
I cannot remember for sure, but I am thinking my doctor told me that I should start my period within 10 days AFTER taking the last pill. I ended up not having to take them, because AF came the day I filled the prescription. I am not poistive that is what she said, but I am pretty sure, because I don't remember it being that way 5+ years ago when I last took Provera to start my period and I thought it was a little strange that it would take that long. Hope this helps, sorry I am not more positive about what she told me.


What kind of birth control did they put you on? I was on ortho-tri cyclene for 7 months but stopped taking it because we decided we were ready to actually have a baby, but I stayed regular one month after stopping and that was it. My Dr.'s office called me today, and said for me to take one month of my birth control pills and that should cause me to have my period one more time before my next Dr.'s appt. Hormone hell doesn't sound like fun, but i'm ready to do what I have to now.

I appreciate all the responses and help! it's good to know you're not alone. I was suprised that the Provera didn't work for me this time when it did a few years ago, but I guess things can change. Gosh!!! this is so hard, and very disconcerting!
I have tried three or four birth controls and they all are hell for me. I also have to take a really high dose of gonatropins (sp) to get my follicles the right size and my dr. is always worried about the side effects and I'm like "the injectable hormones are easy! It is those birth control pills that kill me."
why don't you have a period? My LH and FSH hormone are REALLY low. I have to take the birth control pill before every IUI and now IVF cycle. It totally sucks, but I have no other option and I am not ready to give up this fight just yet.
Oddly, my period was totally regular my entire life until I had my first child and then it just mysteriously never returned...go figure
At this point I don't know. The doctors want to say it's my weight, and I wish it was that easy, but I have been over weight my whole entire life, including when I started to menstrate, to now. When I was 17 things started to change, all of a sudden I would get it once every three months. Well I thought it was from stress, seeing I was trying very hard to make sure I graduated on time. A 18/19 It went 1 time after 6 mo. then 9 mo. then I went 10 mo. and after that it came once a year. My first year only having it for a year is when the put me on Provera I stayed on that for 5-6 months and then stopped to see if my body would just keep the regular cycle...It didn't. I went another year without it, and then decided to get on Birth control pills. That was the first time I took Ortho-tricyclene. I took it for 3 months, and stopped. The last month I took the pills was the last month I got a period. I started to take them again 7 months after that date, and again only took them for three months (this time because didn't have transportation) and again I stopped getting my period as soon as I stopped taking the pills. Then this past May I started taking them again, stayed on for 7 months, and then stopped in November. got my period on it's own in Dec. and then January just pinked the paper when going to the restroom for two days, and then it was gone. So when I went to the Dr. appt. on the 23rd she told me she wanted me to take Provera for 2 months to see what (if I had one) kind of cycle I had. This time I didn't bleed. So I really don't know.

Sorry it's so long, but I hope you can see why I just don't know. The second time I had started taking BCPs I had gone to my Dr.'s appt. and they had taken my blood, checked my sugar, and did an external and internal ultrasound. everything they said came out clear, But i'm taking the advice that I have been given here on this board, and am looking to see about gettin an appt. with an endocrinologist.

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