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I hope I can be an inspiration for you.. I am 40 yrs. old & I am finally pregnant. MY Dh & I have been trying for almost 2 yrs.
The first year I started having an endless period & finally got it controlled by a homeopathic doctor.. THe regular dr. gave me provera to regulate it, but once I stopped the period wouldn't stop.
The homeopathic dr. gave me some progesterone cream to help regulate my cycle & lenghten the LH cycle. Within the time period I had to have 2 ultra sounds done. The first one was inclusive because they weren't sure there was a cyst or it was because I was ovulating. The second one in 2005 showed I had a cyst on the left ovary & the right one was fine. The reason I waited so long for the second ultrasound is because of my denial of anything wrong with me.. In 7/05 I had a laproscopic done to drain out this huge endometrioma on that left ovary. The dr. saved my ovary.. THANK GOD!
I told my homeopathic dr about the endo & she gave me some Turk's formula to use to prevent it from coming back..
My DH & I finally got the ok in August & after that I bought a electronic fertility monitor ( expensive) & was using that as a guideline..
The next step this year was going to be IUI & I held close to the belief inside me that I can conceive & I thanked God everyday that I can conceive. I began imagining myself with a baby, etc. IT didn't happen overnight, it took 6 months after that lap & my belief that I can conceive. Remember I am 40 & overweight, so odds weren't on my side.
It was also painful for me to go to the dr. & sit there & everyone around me is pregnant, except I. The first time it happened, I left the office crying & it was after that day I changed my attitude. I begin imagining myself pregnant & told myself next time I come back it's going to be me....
Remember if you can believe it - you can become it... :angel: :angel: :angel:

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