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Looks like we are posting on the same threads. :-)

Thanks, we are extremely positive about this fresh cycle. I feel different about it for some reason, I can't put my finger on it.

Keep me posted on your progress once you get started.

Yes, going the ICSI route it does help with success because they insert sperm directly into the egg. Is your issues just your dh sperm? Do you have any that you know of yourself? If not, you will probably do quite well on the drugs and will produce many eggs to choose from, freezing the rest for the future. Overstimulating is a scarry thing. To prevent this from happening make sure your doc is monitoring you every other day from Stimulation Day 5 all the way through until he makes you trigger for egg retrieval. I was monitored via u/s Day 5, 7, 9, and 10. I was canceled due to overstimulating with my last IVFcycle in Nov. And i'm extremely regular in my cycles. My estrogen level was 9000 !!!! Which is why I was cancelled. The reason my estrogen was so high is because of the number of follicles I made. My doc tried to get it under control by decreasing my follistim dosage but it was too late, the numbers didn't go down. This time he started me out way less dosage and continually decreased it throughout my cycle... with that and along with the fact that he did an u/s every other day to monitor my follicle development, and it was successful without any signs of overstimulating. When I overstimulated I didn't feel bad, get sick or anything, but I hear that some do when that happens. It isn't too common, because most cases women have difficulty producing enough follicles to begin with....that wasn't my problem. My problem is that my embies just don't stick to the lining long enough to get pregnant .

As for the drugs...I don't really have a bad reaction. Just some night flashes...a bit moody...and when your ovaries begin to fill with follicles a little tinging of cramps...but really not bad at all. It really helped that my dh is completely supportive and tries to make me feel better and cooks me dinner and stuff while I go through this to keep me less stressed...he realizes what it does to a womans body and is so understanding.
You will be fine.... you will become much stronger than you ever thought you would. Somehow you just find a good place through it all to get through it all.

As for work....believe me, people will's human nature. When you start having to be off every other day for monitoring and then off for retreival, then off for transfer, people start asking whats up. Everyone at my work knows, just made it easier for me. I told them all what I was doing and that when i'm not at work here and there over the next month or so they'll know why and that when it's all over i'll let them know if it worked or really decreased questions and rumors and all that crap. But i'm an open book, I don't mind if people know, it is what it is. That is a personal preference if you tell people at work.

I do TONS of window shopping....especially on the marking everything and taking notes in a notepad that I have for baby stuff. Even if it winds up not working out it sure does keep you positive through the process...with the hopes that you'll be able to pull up those bookmarks and start shopping!!! HA. And if I don't wind up pregnant we are definitely adopting so i'll have all that research for then.

You apologized for your long email....geez... I made yours look short and sweet. I don't mind if you ramble on because I do the same thing. And don't forget no question is stupid so ask if you need anything.

Baby Dust
Wow ....thats great that you can go in that early. That will really help. My doc visits are never more than 5 minutes or so with the doc....about 15 minutes or so waiting. I'm never there more than a half hour.

You've probably already mentioned in another post, but what meds are you taking? The first time I did IVF I did follistim injections twice daily and ganirelix shots for a few days. This time I did follistim injections twice daily along with lupron shots once daily. Then after retrieval I started the progesterone in oil shot once daily. Since the first IVF didn't take my doc wanted to try lupron in conjunction with follistim intead of ganirelix this time around.

Don't be nervous about the injections. I was way intimidated by the shots at first, but they are easy and not painful. Especially the subq ones in your belly. A tip if you are using the follistim pen, there is more in the vial than they say there is. For instance, I was doing 200IU shots and had vials with 600IUs. After keeping track and using all 600, there was enough in there still for another 200IU shot plus a 50IU shot....thats alot of wasted drug....especially as expensive as that drug is.

Having an open mind is so important when going through this....not everyone has one. The teacher in you wants to know whats going on and read about the process. Thats good. It surprises me how many women go through the whole thing without asking questions or really truely knowing whats going on.

Yip, one week and counting. Funny you ask about the signs and how I feel. Last time we did a frozen cycle, last may, two days after transfer I started to feel like I could start my period...crampy, achey, you know.... I actually wound up pregnant that time, but it didn't stick. I feel exactly the same way this time. I hope its a good sign. I didn't feel like that at all for the first IVF or the first frozen transfer.

Baby Dust.

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