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Hi Lorrie! :wave: Sorry to hear about all those failed attempts, but I wish you all the luck on the 20th! :D
I actually have to wait until my next AF to start any of the actual process, the drugs and visits...which is in 2 weeks. And I'm going the ICSI route b/c of my DH, so I'm wondering if that helps it be more successful. The funny thing is I'm already feeling so anxious!
I'm most worried about the "overstimulating" thing...they said that although it doesn't happen often, when it does, it usually happens to women who have irregular cycles, like me. How do they monitor that so it doesn't happen? I would hate to have to stop the cycle b/c of that! :rolleyes:
Also, I'm worried about the drugs...and how I'll react to them. I get really emotional and I have a very weak stomach. Did you experience any bad side effects?
I'm also not sure if I should say anything at work. I'm a teacher and although it will be a breeze to take time off and get a sub, (I have plenty of sick days and haven't taken much of any time in the past three years) I'm worried that they will start to question my time off b/c I haven't taken hardly any days and I've been commended for my attendance. But I am tenured, so I doubt anybody will even ask. But if I do get pregnant, I will eventually have to say something anyway and will need as many sick days as possible then. :p
So many things to think about...if and when it will happen...when my prospective due date will be...if I'll get twins! I'm very excited but I feel like I have to jump through many hoops to get there.
I do like the idea about researching things as though I already am pregnant and maybe even some window shopping ;) ...that will be exciting! Well, sorry if this was long...I hope we both hear good things soon! :angel:
**Baby dust**
~Krissi :)

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