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Re: Old eggs
Feb 18, 2006
Old eggs means that you are in ovarian reserve stage. I too am very healthy, never smoked, rarely drink, I exercise on a regular basis, I eat healthy, my mother had 4 children, my grandmother had 5, both of my sisters had a child and there I sat on the phone in my office listening to my RE on the other end as she explained the results of my FSH blood test that was performed earlier that day, on day 3 of my cycle. I couldn't believe what I was hearing; apparently there is a difference between biological age and female age and it doesn't matter how well you take care of yourself. Fertile women have an FSH of 10, or less since Estrogen is the hormone that is still releasing their eggs. As women age and have a decrease in estrogen, FSH is then the hormone that rises to release these eggs. With today's tech, the meds used to increase ovulation is FSH - if yours is already high, the meds won't work which is why many women with high FSH are booted from IVF programs. Women who are in menopause have an FSH of about 35, mine was 20 which means that although I am not going through menopause, it is right around the bend. Instead, I am in pre stage - ovarian reserve stage. The stage where the eggs are much less in quantitiy and much less in quality - old eggs. It is genetic - like whether you will be 5'2 or 5'10 in height, nothing you can do about it and it can happen at age 25, 35, or 45. Needless to say, after hearing all of this, I ate a dinner of fried chicken and didn't w/o that night. Although, I am back in the w/o saddle now, since I realize that being healthy yet infertile is a blessing compared to being unhealthy and infertile. I have read that some of these may lower FSH: vitex, wheatgrass, fish oil, royal jelly, acupunture, and baby asprin. I tried the acupunture but that wasn't for me, the rest I will try this week and have my FSH tested again next month. It is not impossible to get pregnant, just less than 10%, but those are just statistics and prayers will help for sure. :angel:

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