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Michael, I am very sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in July and have been unable to get pregnant since, so I know how hard it is!

I was on clomid 50mg for 4 months and 100mg for 2 months (way too long on clomid). We also did 2 IUIs with the clomid (the last 2 months. I did get pregnant on the 50mg the second month. My originial doctor did not monitor me, big mistake! My new RE, which I started on the last month of clomid- did ultrasounds and bloodwork and showed that I had 3 follicles. Due to the clomid, my lining was thin and I did not get pregnant.

It is funny because all doctors have different quotas for how big they want the eggs. My doctor says anything between 18-20 is mature. If they get over 20 they say they probably won't fertilize?? So, I think that depends on each doctor. Now that I am done with the clomid we have moved onto injectibles. This will be my second month. Last month, I had 10 follicles and after the hcg trigger shot, 5 of the 10 follicles dropped!!! We did IUI. But, I did not get pregnant. I was so worried I was going to have 4 or 5 babies, and not one even worked.... so disappointing.

So, we will start the next cycle tonight and see what happens. When they tested my estrogen, it was not too high, even with the 10 follicles. So, I don't know if I helped any but, that is what I know. I do know that there is that Hyperstimulation syndrome of the ovaries, I am not sure if you can get that with clomid or not? Maybe your doctor is just trying to be cautious and make sure your wife doesn't overstimulate. Please keep us posted and I wish you the best!!!!

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