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Hi Michael,

First off i'm sorry about your miscarriage. That must be horrible to go through.

When your ovaries are 'over working' they produce more follicles than they should, and your estrogen sky rockets. This could mean if you get pregnant you could have multiple babies. The follicle is where the egg resides so theoretically speaking your wife could have dropped like 7 eggs to be fertilized. Kind of depends on the size of the follicles if they were mature enough to drop an egg. Most docs say 16mm or higher is the size that is mature enough. Do you know what size they were? That is what they meant by hope you don't get pregnant...because of the risk of multiples...or that would be my guess on what they meant anyway. Many times with high levels of estrogen you get sick or have pain in the ovaries. My estrogen has been as high as 9000 without any side effects other than mood swings and hot flashes.

As far as cysts...i've never had those issues so i'm not sure if the level of estrogen is correlated with cysts or not. Shouldn't her ob/gyn be able to see that with an U/S? Was this her first time using clomid? The more follicles you have the higher your estrogen level can rise so it's probably possible for that dosage to create enough follicles to increase the estrogen. Although, 7 follicles really isn't a super amount. My estrogen level was 4000 with about 30 follicles during my last IVF cycle.

Sorry I rambled on more than helped I think, but if you need to talk more i'd be happy to try and help.

Baby Dust,

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