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Re: Special foods
Feb 18, 2006
I am 38 yrs old and just found out that my day 3 testing of FSH was 20 (high), and that was after doing 6 months of Clomid. The way that Clomid and all other fertility meds work is by raising your FSH to increase more eggs, giving you a greater chance of pregnancy. I was told that since my FSH was already high, the meds will not work, therefore I would be lucky to achieve 1 to 3 eggs with IVF, which has a 0 to minimal success rate. However, I wonder if the Clomid had a residual effect on the FSH since testing was performed on the first cycle off of Clomid. So far, I have been lucky that my clinic has not turned me away, they just said to wait and test next month. For those of you who are wondering what FSH is: Estrogen releases our eggs yet, as we age and prior to menopause, we have a decrease in estrogen and FSH hormone increases to release our "reserve team" of eggs. A high FSH suggests that you are in ovarian reserve stage, which is prior to menopause, it can happen at age 28, 38, or 48. That is why RE's say that you have your biological age and your female age, which both can be quite different. As far as food that can lower your FSH - so that a clinic doesn't boot you and so that you have a greater chance of pregnancy when FSH is low - I have read on other boards that the following herbal remedies can work, I don't know this for sure though: vitex, wheat grass, fish oil, royal jelly and baby asprin. I would do some research prior :angel: to taking any herbal meds as they are not regulated in most cases.

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