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I was 29 when we started having troubles and I was extremely worried about my age. Both my gyn and my RE have both told me that it is one thing I have going for me...I am now almost 31 and they are still telling me I am young and have "plenty of time". My gyn told me that you don't have to start "worrying" until you are over 35, but then your chances do go, that is for someone who is having trouble conceiving. If you are healthy and would othewise be able to conceive normally, your chances are going to be better and the possibility of getting pregnant is not as low as if you have had problems to begin with. There are MANY people who are waiting until they are "older" to become parents and I have known several who have had their FIRST over the age of 35. You didn't mention your exact age, but I would not lose hope...especially if you don't have any inferility problems to speak of - which I guess you might not know if you haven't tried, but I'm talking about ENDO or PCOS or Fibroids, the obvious things that you might know ahead of time.

To exactly answer your question, a woman only becomes infertile due to age at menopause or when she stops having periods. As long as you are having periods, you always have a CHANCE to become pregnant (as long as everything is healthy and working inside.)

I'm sorry that your family isn't backing your decision. That must be very hard to be doing this alone with no support. I know there is a girl on the pregnancy boards, QT314 that is doing this alone, as well. She did IVF twice and is due in June. She was a little worried about her families support and didn't tell them until after the 1st trimester, but they ended up being supportive of her. It's your life and you can do with it what you please...I would have done the same thing if I had not married the man of my dreams. I was raised by a single mom and, although it wasn't the perfect life, it was better than having a father who didn't love my mother or me...there are many families out there with 2 parents that are MUCH WORSE OFF than a one parent home with all the love that you have to give. Just a thought. Don't give up on your dreams just because your family can't find it in their hearts to agree with your decisions.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted on what you decide!! We're all here for support if you need it.

Baby Dust to all!


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