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I am not familiar with IUD, but I was on clomid. I started with 50mg for 4 months (I actually got pregnant on the second month, but had a miscarriage). We then bumped up to 100mg for 2 months along with duing IUI. The most follicles I got on the clomid was 3.

I changed to a RE from my regular gyno. He took me off clomid, and put me on Follistim injections. Last month was the first month on the injections. I had 10 follicles, 5 had dropped. We did IUI, but we did not get pregnant:( We just started the second month of follistim injections on Saturday. I go for my bloodwork and ultrasound tomorrow morning. I reacted very quickly to the follistim, I only had to do the shots for 5 days (where the doctor said people usually are on it for 10-12 days).

I feel much better on the injections than I did on the clomid, it made me feel crazy!!! I am not as tired and crabby. I totally agree with Ravae, I don't look at the multiples as a risk, just a better chance to get a baby:) I would actually be thrilled with twins!!!!

Well, I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, I can try my best to help out:) Are you using follistim also?
I personally would try the injectibles. After being on clomid for 6 months, way too long according to my new doctor, I wished I would have started them earlier. My first gyno did not monitor me at all, just as it seems your doctor is not doing, which I think is a problem also. They don't know what is happening during the cycle, are there follies forming or not?? That is why we should be monitored to get more information. I am not sure about the expense of the injections because my insurance pays 100% for all my infertility treatments. I do know that they had a hard time getting the insurance to go through the first time and the pharmacy told me that the month's worth of treatments (follistim, hcg trigger shots, needles, and syringes) was about $1100!!! I almost died. I think that ravae knows a place outside the US that you can get the injection drugs for much cheaper???
I would definitely talk to your doctor (is it a specialist?) and talk about a new game plan. I know exactly how you felt on the clomid, it sucks! I felt exactly the same way and I gained so much weight while on it:( Good luck and keep us posted on what you will do!

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