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I was on clomid for a total of 6 months. My original OB put me on it, and did not monitor me at all while on it. I began on 50mg. I did get pregnant on the second month, but had a miscarriage in July. I then was on 50mg for another 2 months and then up to 100mg for 2 moe months. The last 2 months on clomid we did IUI. I did not get pregnant. I switched to a new OB and then have now moved to a RE. My new RE said that you should only be on clomid for 3 months because it begins to make negative side effects. It caused me to have terrible mood swings, hot flashes, gained weight, thin uterus lining(which I never had before, and did not have after I stopped clomid), longer cycles, and hostile cervical mucus (which went away after I stopped clomid).

Since seeing the new RE, we began Follistim injections with IUI and I feel a million times better! I hated the way I felt on the clomid. I was always tired and crabby and just felt like I had no energy. I took naps whenever I could. I do not have any of the side effects on the injections.

My lining on the clomid was a 6.2(which they say it should be at least an 8). Now on the injections it is 11 and higher! So, I don't knkow if this helps or not...I just know that I did not like clomid and I wish I would have switched to another form way sooner, I feel like my original OB just wasted my time.

Another thing is that my DH and I have an unexplained infertility. There are no problems with each of us. His counts are off the charts and I am ovulating well each month. So, sorry for the long email and I hope it helps. If I can help with any other info, please let me know.
Good luck,
That sounds like a good plan. I did get pregnant the second month so it was successful. I just wouldn't stay on it more than 3 months if you are not pregnant by then, the success rates of you getting pregnant after 3 months are very little. I am not sure about IVF but I know that I moved right to injections with IUI after taking clomid.
Good luck

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