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The only thing that I know is what my RE told me. She said that it could be about 35 days for the whole cycle, from beginning stimulations until the positive pregnancy test. I haven't been through the process yet, so I don't know that much about it. I'll let you know my progress though as I will be starting the drugs in a few days, after my final consult. :)
I think the cycles are different becasue it depends on your body and how well you are responding to the drugs involved. My "35" day quote was probably an estimate, provided that everything goes well, I assume. Becasue as I'm reading the protocol and the med hot list, it would be alot longer if I went on the longer end of time. This is what I know:

*They said that I would start on BCP too, it says for approximately 2-3 weeks.
*Then, after a follow-up visit, I would get started on Lupron, which also supresses my hormones. It says I could be on it from 1-4 weeks prior to egg retrieval and continuing until the hCG is given to trigger ovulation.
*Then, I'm not sure how much longer between the start of the Lupron and the follow-up visit, but they said if the blood work and sonogram are within normal limits, I would get the FSH injections (Gonal F, Follistim, Repronex, Bravelle), which stimulate follicular development.
*Then, (I'm not sure how much time again), but you get the HCG shot that matures the eggs which happens 34-36 hours before the egg retrieval.
*Then, I read from others going through it, that there is 3-5 days between ER and ET and then a week (or two?) later you can have the BETA, pregnancy test.

I'm sorry I'm not much help. I wish I knew more too! :rolleyes:
There are others that do know on this sight, but I thought that I would at least give you this info.


Good luck!
Everyone has their own protocols which will further vary with your personal situation, but you can count on: a course of medication to shut down your cycle (BCP, Lupron, etc.), a course of stimulation meds to create lots of eggs (follistim, gonalF, etc.), then when you're really close they might give a trigger shot of pregnancy hormone to time your ovulation (the two hormones are very similar so preg hormone works like lutenizing hormone), then an egg retrieval which will cost you a full day of work, then hopefully a transfer which will cost you a half day if it falls on a workday. Then the 2ww and DON'T TEST EARLY because the pregnancy hormone shot can give you a false positive.

Along the way you will have to come in early in the morning for several blood draws and ultrasounds to make sure everything is working correctly. (In my case I was responding too well to the stim and they cut my dosage to avoid hyperstimulation syndrome). These appointments are usually not a burden if you live reasonably near the clinic and don't have an early work schedule. The egg retrieval is the big deal because you'll either be knocked out or giving a twilight sedation. My advice is to go for the general anesth. because I've done it both ways and even with valium and demerol, IT KILLS!!!

The hardest part for some people is giving yourself the shots but I found I got used to this quick. The only bad shot is the progesterone in oil (after the egg retrieval) because you have to stick yourself in the butt and can't see. You will get a lumpy butt because of the oil. Plus, the needle looks really big but trust me, it actually felt no different to me than the little insulin syringes that you use for the other shots.

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