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I was wondering if anyone has experienced any symptoms between embryo transfer and your blood test to confirm if you are pregnant or not?

I have had achey, crampy kind of PMS symptoms and gas, starting 2 days after transfer. And then on Day 7 and 8 after transfer I had light spotting, which I am wondering if it is implantation bleeding. It only happened when I wiped. I believe it would occur somewhere around that time. I did take a pregnancy test today and it was positive. My blood test is tommorrow. It's just that the spotting scared me a little bit.

My last IVF I had the same symptoms, except for the spotting. I did get a positive test and two days later went back for another one and it was negative. I'm hoping the bleeding is the difference between last time and this time and that it will 'stick' this time.

Any experiences and advice is appreciated.

Thanks and Baby Dust To All!
Wow, thats crazy that there aren't any adoption agencies in Australia. 20 babies per year! Thats crazy. It's good though, that your govt helps with the care of children.

Your doc transferred in an embryo with your estrogen being 10000? Wow, he cancelled my egg retrieval at 9000...let alone make it to transfer.... but would have cancelled at 6000, says it's too risky for your health. I guess the success rate would be higher if they won't transfer embies in unless they are day 5 blastocyst...both of my fresh cylces made it to day 5, but none of my transfers have resulted in a pregnancy (gotten 2 positive, but they didn't stick). Sorry to hear about your bad news on Easter....thats not fair! Good luck with your next one. How many do you have frozen?

Talk to you later,

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