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The needles are nothing, don't worry about it. And very few people get side effects but you'll be monitored carefully to make sure you don't get overstimulated. The main side effect to worry about is the annoyance of getting pregnancy symptoms during the 2ww. This is because the "trigger shot" to make you ovulate is in fact pregnancy hormone. (It's also why you shouldn't test at home early, you could get a false positive and nobody wants that.) There's also going to be some bloating and tenderness because of your enlarged ovaries. It will go away.

Since you are not having an egg retrieval you probably don't need to worry about the big needle with progesterone in oil. But even this, should you go to IVF, is not much different than the small needles, though it looks scary.

I know this will not be popular, but for me the medical stuff is trivial, the real problem is the emotional aspect afterward. After IVF #1 I got a BFP but was only allowed about a second to mentally celebrate because then I found out that it needed to double at a certain rate. It didn't, but it took about a week for it to begin decreasing, in which we all knew it had failed but we couldn't move on because it wasn't official. After IVF #2 I got to the heartbeat stage but could never actually be confident. I learned at 13 weeks I'd mc'd and the embryo measured 9 weeks so I'd been walking around for weeks still thinking I was pregnant. Next time it will be even worse, if I am even lucky enough to get pregnant again.

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