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Thanks so much for the replies, its really good to have some people to relate to me. KM75, which insurance company do you work with? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield but know very little of what they cover, I just assumed most insurance companies do not cover infertility, maybe thats starting to change, I hope so!

Here is a paragraph about IUI from Georgia Reproductive Specialists that I will be visiting: [COLOR=Red]Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure in which sperm are placed directly into the uterine cavity through a catheter near the time of ovulation. This procedure is most commonly performed when there are problems with the sperm, such as low count or low motility, or an incompatibility between the sperm and the cervical mucus. It can also be performed to overcome problems associated with a man's inability to ejaculate inside the woman's vagina due to impotence, premature ejaculation or other medical conditions. IUI increases the chances of pregnancy because the sperm are placed directly in the uterus, bypassing the cervix and improving the delivery of the sperm to the egg. [/COLOR]

So it seems as though IUI is most commonly done for sperm problems and I heard it was a higher success rate with male factor over female infertility, but who knows. The only reason I am thinking of IUI is for the price, if its out of pocket, I won't be able to do IVF, at least not at this moment, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised to find out I have coverage for IVF, if so, I most definitely would skip straight to that, I am young, only 23, with no apparent ferility problems. My dh is 33, so I don't want him waiting too much longer to become a daddy and I do want to be a young mom. So if I called my insurance company, would they be able to tell me if I have any infertility treatment coverage? I know they covered nothing of my progesterone blood test because it was listed under infertility, so would this probably mean they do not cover anything to do with infertiliy?

The Georgia Reproductive Specialists had a section on their page about insurance companies they were in contract with and my insurance company was listed, do you know what it means when they say their in contract with them? I haven't set an appointment with them yet but will be calling them back tomorrow if I don't hear from them, so I don't know how much info they will be telling me over the phone, their is so much I don't know about all this, but I do feel that I am so ready to become a mother, my dh feels the same way.

Thanks again for the replies, look forward to meeting more of you ladies. God Bless!
[I]I am actually scared to call my insurance company to find out because I am afraid I will be so disappointed and not know where to turn if they say their is no coverage . I know I have to find out sooner or later.[/I]

This is not criticism, just advice. Get over this RIGHT NOW! It is a long road and even though you're very young, you'll lose that advantage if you let the grass grow under your feet. By waiting you are giving up your power to (for example) look for a job YOURSELF that has the coverage, or start the investment plan I suggested. In the meantime you can get some of the less expensive tests and procedures done.

More importantly, you need to try to toughen up, because you as yet have NO IDEA of the emotional rollercoaster this will be, even if you end up getting it all for free (as I do). You may think it's tough now, but it only gets tougher when you're dealing with "this is my big chance" or worse, pregnancy following infertility. I hate to say that the emotional rollercoaster does not exactly end with that positive test -- it can get worse. My husband is talking about stopping NOW even with two free IVFs left because of the trauma of years of infertility, IUIs, IVFs and two miscarriages.

[I]Question, the hospital my dh did his SA at said they usually get results in the same day and then their faxed to our urologist, we have an appointment with our urologist this Monday but I am kinda anxious to find out the results now, do you think if I called the urologist they would be able to give me the results over the phone? I know with our first one, the results were sent to my obgyn and they gave me the results over the phone, but we've only been to this urologist once so I don't know much about them. I think I am going to be so nervous to walk in the urologist office Monday not knowing the outcome of the second SA yet .[/I]

Call the urologist and ask for the results. Your right to this information is much more important than their convenience, or "how they prefer to do things."

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