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Hey there, I am new to this board, I have been trying to find others that can relate to me on this fertility stuff. My husband and I have been TTC for almost 11 months now, we found out my husband has a low count and low motility. That was 4 months ago and we just got another SA done today, we don't know the outcome yet. I have had him on a lot of vitamins that are supposed to help sperm so I am praying the outcome of this SA will be better. I would like some advice on assisted conception. I have not even visited an RE yet, only been to a urologist for dh's issues. I have no fertility problems that docs have detected and I ovulate fine every month, we're just dealing with dh.

Financially, I don't think we'll be able to afford IVF, though I would like to skip right to that. As far as I know, our insurance won't be covering anything, but I really can't say for sure because I haven't looked into it yet, though I just hear most insurance plans do not cover any infertility unless your in one of those states that cover it.

So we're considering IUI, I tried to schedule an appointment with a reproductive specialist today but I got an answer machine so I am hoping to receive a call back on Monday and get a consultation appointment set up. How low is usually too low of a count for them not to consider you for IUI? Our urologist seemed to think we would be able to try IUI but my husbands count was under 5 million 4 months ago. His motility was only 20% but I was told sperm washing before IUI can up that motility a lot.

I have a good friend that had been TTC for 13 months, her dh's motility was in the normal range of 42% but they went for IUI due to her having severe ovulation problems that not even clomid was helping. They still did the sperm wash on her dh and his motility went from 42% to 92% with the washing, so I thought that was great. She was blessed in becoming pregnant on her first attempt at IUI and thats whats really got me thinking about it. She was on all kinds of injectables for herself and she did back to back IUI's, 1 one day and another the next day, I can only pray that I would have such a good outcome.

Though her situation was different than mine since we're dealing with male factor. So if anyone can relate to me and give me some advice, info, etc, I would really appreciate it. I want to look at doing IUI in May if we go for it, so that gives me 2 more cycles of natural TTC...anything is possible through Christ so I know we can end up being blessed before the potential IUI. I was going to wait until July, after my vacation, but the emotional stress is becoming too much for me.

Took a pregnancy test today, negative, I took it hard, probably the hardest I have in awhile, April will mark one year of TTC. Sorry I made this post so long, I have so much on my mind. Thanks for reading, God Bless!

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