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I had my first IUI yesterday (Saturday) morning, following an HCG trigger shot on Thursday. Up until the insemination, my stomach (ovary area) felt really weird and sore. About 6 or so hours after the insemination, the soreness went away. Now, I don't feel anything.

I'm scared that the IUI didn't work because now I feel nothing.

Shouldn't I be feeling symptoms, at least I would think from the HCG shot since the hormone should still be in my body?

Has anyone had a successful IUI with no symptoms following the insemination?

I'm so sad that this IUI may not have worked. Is my worrying premature since it's only been a day since the IUI? when should symptoms start?
Nancy - I want to help you feel better, but not sure if I can or not. I have had it both ways with my IUI's. I have had 4 of them and with the 1st one I had cramps so bad for days after and also sore breasts, but I had that pretty much the whole time I was on Clomid. The 2nd IUI, I had NO symptoms except the sore breasts, as well as the 3rd IUI, just a little cramping from over stimulation of the ovaries. I can't remember which one it was, but with one of them, I did have nausea, I'm sure it was from the HCG shot. The bad thing is, when you have the HCG shot, it can give you the same symptoms of pregnancy, so you can get your hopes up, just to find out the symptoms came from the shot. With my 4th IUI, I had hyper-stimulation of my ovaries, so I was in pretty severe pain for about 3 weeks after the IUI and I had a bad feeling that since that happened to me, I was not pregnant. I didn't get pregnant with any of my IUI's, but I am not telling you that to worry you or bring your hopes down in any way. What I am saying is everyone is different and experiences different symptoms and side effects with all the drugs we are taking. I myself experienced different side effects using the same drugs the 1st 3 times I had IUI, so it can even differ in the same person.

Stay positive - but also remember the reality. Everything happens for a reason and although that is soooo hard to see when we are in the situation we are in, it's still true. Hang in there on your 2WW and know that we are all pulling for you!!!

Baby Dust to all! :angel:


Oh - when I told my nurse after my 1st IUI cycle that I knew I wasn't pregnant because I didn't have any side effects, she told me that alot of times no symptoms are a good sign. Also, you won't start having "real" symptoms of pregnancy until at least implantation which is 7-10 days after IUI...Just FYI. Good Luck!!

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