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Well, I am assuming the 8 days are probably the few days before your retrieval, the retrieval itself, and then the transfer a few days later (3-5). He will need to be there on the day of retrieval. It sounds odd that they only said 8 days...I think it would be more.

I have not or won't be going out of state but I will tell you that so far I have had 7 visits in my IVF cycle: the first consulation, the signing of all the papers and info consult, the injection class, the seminar, the first b/w & u/s to start BCP, the saline sono and trial, and the 2nd b/w & u/s to start Lupron. I will be going back on Sat for the baseline u/s & b/w to start the Follistim. Then, my clinic monitors me EVERY DAY until the retrieval. (I know that in other clinics they only monitor every other day and sometimes even less than that.) They said I could be on the follistim for 10-14 days before the retrieval.

I hope this info helps. I'm not sure what my opinion is about going out of state for this. On one hand it could end up being much cheaper, (although you do have to factor in hotel, gas, food, time off work, etc.). And on the other hand, you may not be monitored that accurately. How and when will you be monitored for the injections? At a home clinic or OBGYN? You want to make sure wherever you go, that it is a reputable place. Your regular OBGYN may not know exactly what they are looking for like an RE would who is especially trained for this. Also, it may be hard for them to have your records straight in both places. I guess these are just things to think about...I am certainly not an expert on this, I have never done it.
It must be really hard to make the decision to go out of state. I wish you all the best! :angel:
That u/s might be the saline sonogram. They look for polyps and/or anything that may prevent the IVF cycle from working well. At mine, they did the trial the same day so that I could tell what it would feel like the day of the transfer and they could see any potential they found out that my uterus is "curved" which isn't a big deal but just a little harder to put the catheter in the right place.
Just so you know, the overstimulation actually can happen [I]before[/I] the transfer. They say, although it is unlikely, the follistim or other similar drugs can make you grow so many follicles and it enlarges your ovaries, and this can potentially make you sick~bloated, throwing up, etc. which can get worse if you become pregnant. Sometimes, women are even hospitalized. My RE gave me that info at the first consult. Don't feel bad about not being knowledgable, I wasn't either at first. You learn all these things pretty quick, and this board has been a big help for me as I know it will be for you too. :)

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