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Well I was feeling the same way when I had my consult. And each day before I started I thought I wouldn't be able to go through it. It's hard to stay motivated and positive but, like withinreach says, you really have to take it one day at a time.
When I got the meds delivered to my door, I thought I would never be able to handle it all. It was so overwhelming to see all the needles! :eek:
I got so stressed in the beginning, I wasn't sleeping much and then I got sick and lost my voice from being so run down. :o
Then, I adapted a new mantra, "It is what it is." If I have to go through this at all, [I]it is what it is.[/I] You can read my other thoughts about that in [I]My IVF Journey so far.[/I] :cool:
And, by taking it one day at a time, I'm now a 2/3 of the way through!(until the retrieval anyway!) :bouncing: The BCP was no big deal and the Lupron shots haven't been that bad, especially when my DH and I adopted a new technique of icing the spot before injecting~that works really well! Tomorrow I go in for another b/w and u/s and then I will start follistim. These next few weeks, I know will be the hardest, especially when the 2ww and progesterone in oil start! But, because all these things are beyond our control, the best thing to do is to just wait it out, keep yourself busy with other things, (I'm in the middle of starting a business, about to start coaching and I just got a puppy! :D ), and to stay relaxed! I know, that's easier said than done, believe me I know...but all in all, it really isn't that bad. I have been through worse emotional strain.
Chins up ladies! Let's not let this [I]scary unknown[/I] wear us down! It will make us stronger and the bond between us and our children that much stronger too. Good luck to all of you! :angel:
Well, its hard to say if the symptoms are from the drugs or a little bit from stress. But, I've had a few hours here and there of nausia,(sp?) some dizziness mostly at night, mood swings, fatigue, :yawn: and at the same time sleeplessness. When my husband injects me, I've been icing it, but I feel it sometimes after it goes in :eek: and then it kind of "lingers" and it feels wierd. :p Nothing too dramatic though. I bet the real "symptoms" will start when I start the follistim, which should hopefully start tomorrow. When do you start your cycle? Did you find out what meds your going to be on?
I start the follistim tonight, so I'll let you know what symptoms I have. I've heard that you can get really emotional :mad: :( :rolleyes: ! And maybe feelings of bloat, nausia, irritablity, basically PMS x10!! I'm not the expert yet...this is only my first cycle. But, I'll keep you all posted!!
[I started BCP on March 2nd, started Lupron shots on the 10th, stopped BCP on the 14th, started AF :o , and tonight I start Follistim and continue Lupron but 1/2 the amount. Two shots...but hopefully not for too many days...I'm hoping to have my retrieval by next Friday. That's when the progesterone in oil shots start....has anyone else seen this needle?? OMG :eek: not looking forward to that!!] The best part is to just take one thing at a time though, so it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

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