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I can't really tell you what procedure she is actually doing. It sounds like it might be IVF, but most all procedures involve drugs and several trips to doctors for bloodwork and ultrasounds. If she is traveling a long way to the clinic and is being monitored closely, she would have to go in several times a week, which is probably why she is taking so much time off. For most infertility treatments it takes several weeks to go through the entire cycle, you start with u/s and bloodwork, sometimes you are put on bc pills to regulate cycles, then either pills or injections every day and more u/s and bloodwork to check your follicle status. If she's doing IVF, she will have retrieval, which I have not had done, but from what I have heard, can put you down for a day or two, then a few days later, they would have the embryo transfer, and some doctors will put you on bed rest for 24-48 hours after that. She also may be doing IUI, they still put you on the drugs and monitor you several times a week and the actual procedure has been very painful for me a couple of times, but probably because I have a tipped uterus and it's hard for them to get the tube inside of me.

I can honestly tell you that no matter what anyone tells you about the process, you will never understand what she is going through, as nobody that has not gone through infertility understands it. I have several friends that are there for me, but they will never understand what I am going through. It is not easy for people to talk about because it is such an emotional thing to go through and sometimes it's easier for people to avoid the subject. It's a part of our everyday lives and we think about it 24/7 and, if she's anything like me, she crys all the time wondering if she will ever be able to experience pregnancy. The only thing I can tell you is let her know that you are there [B]IF[/B] she wants to talk about it and that you are really interested in knowing about what she is going through [B]IF[/B]she would like to share....but if she doesn't want to talk about it, respect her and drop it - I know in my case, I would rather talk about other things because it's always on my mind and since I'm always thinking about it, it's nice to get a break sometimes.

I hope some of this makes sense. I could go on and on - but I hope I have helped you a little bit. Good Luck with your friend.


PS - one thing you could do is tell her about the support on these boards so if she is looking for others that are in her position, she knows where to find us....

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