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Repronex symptoms
Mar 22, 2006
Hi Ladies, :wave:

I haven't logged on for a while hoping that if I didn't think at all about TTC it would happen.
Well, DH and I had our first RE consultation yesterday and he said he wanted me to start on Clomid for CD2-6, then Repronex on CD 7-9. I've been on Clomid before, so I know the side effects. But, what are some of the side effects of Repronex and what's the difference btn Repronex and Pergonal and other drugs in that class? I understand that Repronex can help with your CM? Not that would make a difference since we'll be doing IUI when the time comes, but is that right?

Thanks for any info.
Baby dust to you all.
I have not used Repronex with Clomid, but I did use it by itself and I had NO bad side effects from it (with the exception of over-stimulation, which can happen with any of those drugs). It is the same as Pergonal, Follitism, Bravelle, Menogon and Gonal F. Some people respond differently to different drugs and, from what I have heard, Repronex is the least expensive of these type of drugs. It basically does the same this as Clomid by stimulating the development of follicles. I am not really sure why they would put the two drugs together so I can't really offer anything to you there. I am not sure about the CM question, either, I have never heard that Repronex HELPS with CM, but maybe it does...

Best of Luck to you...Baby Dust!


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