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Congratulations, Nancy30!!!

I am so happy for you :) it's great to hear a success story. I hope all will be well with your pregrnancy. Best of luck to you!

Was this your first IUI? I am going for my first one next cycle. Tell us your story, what was your diagnosis?
Thanks so much for your support! Here's my story:

This was my first IUI. I had clomid 100 mg and Follistim (75 ml), as well as an HCG trigger. Two days before the IUI, I had 2-3 mature follicles (19mm, 17.5mm and 15.5mm)...the others were too small to count. The washed sperm count for the iUI was 30 million. My day 21 progesterone was 55.5. I had spotting 3.5 days after the IUI and 12 days after the IUI. {I guess it was implantation spotting??]

I am about to turn 33. We had been TTC about 14 months prior to the IUI (in the beginning, though, it wasn't perfect timing, etc). I've always had regular cycles of 28-30 days and ovulated regularly. There were no male factor issues. My tubes were clear (as shown by the HSG). My progestrone was 10 when I first had it checked in October 2005 (my doctor said it was normal but I always thought it was on the low side).

My RE said that 95% of the time when a person is my age and has clear tubes and ovulates regulary, mostly likely the culprit is endometriosis. So I had a laparascopy in January 2006, which showed minimal endo (not even touching my reproductive organs). My RE thinks that there are white bloods cells from the endo that come and kill the egg and sperm.

Anyways, he told me I could try naturally for 6 months after the lap, or do IUI if I wanted to be more aggressive (since endo comes back in 6 to 18 months). I decided to be agressive and did my first IUI in march and got lucky with BFP. My RE said there was aobut 10-12 perecnet chance of it working per cycle. (that could be the live birth rate; I'm not sure).

It could have been the endo causing the infertility like my RE thinks, but part of me thinks it was low progesterone which the clomid corrected in the IUI cycle. I guess I'll never know for sure.

Well, sorry for the length. I've always been interested in hearing what the successful people did, so I thought I let everyone know in case it can help them.

I wish you all the best of luck!

P.S. Me and my husband have been taking tons of vitamins since December (actually I strated some in October but increased the amount in December). If anyone wants to know the specific ones, just let me know and I can post a detailed list. (not sure if this helped, but I thought it couldn't hurt and maybe that's why the first cycle worked, ie. the egg and sperm quality were better due to the vitamins???? who knows)
I've taken the following (though now that I've found out I'm pregnant, I've stopped b/c I don't know the effect they would have on the should definitely ask your doctor about these). Also, for some of my vitamins, I just made up the times I took them (eg whether AM or PM); my husband's are based on internet site about TTC vitamins. You should definitely ask your doctor.

Prenatal (AM)
Vit. E 200 IU (AM)
Vit. C 1000 mg (AM)
Selenium 200 mcg (AM and 200 mcg PM)
One baby aspirin 81 mg (AM)
Evening Primrose Oil first half cycle, flax seed oil after ovulation through AF (AM and PM)
Folic Acid 400 mcg (AM)
Vit. B-6 100 mg (AM)
B-complex 100 mg (PM)
Magnesium 250 mg (PM) [not 100% sure on this amount]

Vit. C 1000 mg, 3 times per day (total of 3000)
B-complex-100 mg, 2 times per day (total 200)
Vit. E 200 IU, 2 times per day (total of 400)
Vit. B-6 50 mg, 2 times per day (total of 100)
Selenium 200 mcg, 2 times per day (total of 400)
Coenzyme Q-10 200 mg, once (this one is more expensive)
Zinc 30 mg, once
Copper 2mg, once [it is important to take the correct ratio of cooper with zinc so you should ask your doctor about the ratio]
Multivitamin, once

There were others like L-arginine that were supposed to improve counts but my husband didn't have any issues so he didn't take that.
Also, I read that proxeed is supposed to help men a lot with counts but it takes 3-6 months and it's expensive; my husband didn't take it b/c his counts were fine.

I know anohter person who took a huge cocktail of vitamins, along with her husband and their first IUI worked. but who knows if that had anything to do with it. She also took progesterone cream and it worked the first time she used it; if you have a short luteal phase, you should look into that.

You should definetly check with your doctor on these vitamins prior to taking. Part of me worries that during the 2ww these vitamins could have done harm, but I hope not. I did ask my doctor about most of them and he said they were fine but that they were unnecessary. I guess you never know. I would stop these immediately after you get a BFP (except for the prenatal and folic acid), assuming your doctor says it's okay to take them while TTC.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted on how things are with you
I'm sure you will get your BFP! IVF has really high success rates. Also, I would recommend that your husband take a lot of vitamins (including Vit. E and Vit. C, and Coenzyme Q-10). My sister went through a failed IVF and the doctor would not go to the 2nd round until her husband took vitamins for 3 months. Of course, you may want to check with your doctor about the exact ones and the doses. (My sister's husband had a few problems with ROS (reactive oxidative stress), and vitamins help a lot with that)

I didn't really have any symptoms when I took the test. I really thought that the IUI didn't work. I actually had more symptoms in prior months when I got BFNs. I was stunned. You definitely should not give up hope. Pregnancy happens for the vast majority of people who don't give up trying, it just may take a little while (I think the statitic is 1.9% don't succeed after treatment...98% is excellent odds). I know it's a hard process but don't give up hope!

One symptom I did notice is that I had spotting 3.5 days after the IUI and then again on day 12 after the IUI. The spotting was brief. I guess it was implantation (at least the 12 dpo) and then the 3.5 day spotting could have been irritation from the procedure (or implantation, according to the nurse). Also, this spotting was different than the normal spotting I have. My breasts now are a little sore but that is really my only symptom. Though, I've never really gotten many pms symptoms and I've never been one to get nausea, so maybe I'll just be one of those lucky ones with few symptoms.

I still look at the TTC/Infertility boards to try to provide information to people if I can. Plus, it's weird to not look b/c I've been looking at these boards for so long and everyone has been so nice.

Even though the 2ww is over, I now feel like I'm in the 12 ww (i.e., most miscarriages occur w/in the first 12 weeks, so I don't think I will feel really confident until I get past the first trimester).

I wish you the best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress!
Well, I had my first u/s today, and I'm 6 weeks along. There were two sacs in there. One had a visible baby with a heartbeat. The other sac was empty. My doctor said that it could be a blighted ovum, or it may just be too early to see the second baby. I have another appointment in two weeks to see the progess of the second baby.

I'm feeling worried about the second baby. Has anyone heard of a blighted ovum? What are the odds that it is blighted v. too soon to see?
One thing I did notice is I had implantation bleeding twice. Once 3.5 days after my IUI and again about 12 days after my IUI. Would that mean that one baby would be bigger/farther along if it implanted a week earlier?
Is it normal for a baby not to be seen at 6 weeks?

I'm really relieved that one of the babies is doing well and has a heartbeat. I'm kind of concerned about this empty sac thing. Initially I wasn't particuarly wanting twins but after thinking about it, the idea started to grow on it's kind of sad to learn there is an empty sac in there.

If anyone has heard about the blighted ovum thing, I'd be interested in learning what you know. Thanks again everyone for all the support, and I wish you the best!
Thanks so much for the posts!

Cmarie, I only did one IUI and it worked. I was on clomid 100mg (Days 5-9) and follistim 75 Days 5, 7, 9, 11 and had an hcg trigger shot on day 13, with the IUI on Day 15. I feel really lucky that it worked on the first try.

I hope all of you get your babies soon, as I'm sure you will!

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