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oh, these posts take me back to my IVF cycle 7 years ago - March 23rd was the 7th anniversary of finding out it had worked! I gave birth to twins later that year. The whole cycle and all the million steps with meds and tests and the calls back and forth with the dr's office - it was so nerve-wracking! But worth it. When the twins were one year old, I very unexpectedly found myself pregnant without ANY medical intervention OR much thought, come to think of it. My husband had testicular cancer in 97 and I was infertile myself, so we were very blessed to be pregnant again. Now I have 3 healthy children. I know many, many people pregnant after IVF.

When your nurse said everything happens for a reason, I know firsthand what she means. My husband and I were struggling through clomid and IUI for the third time, after 3 years of trying to conceive independently, when he found a lump in his testicle. At the time, he had a varicocele and we were exploring elective surgery for repair to possibly increase our fertility. He went in for the second opinion on the elective surgery and when mentioning the lump, was found to have cancer. So, baby-making went on the back-burner and we concentrated on cancer treatment. A year later, he was healthy and we were doing IVF. If not for the infertility, my husband would not have gone to the doctor about the lump. There was a very good reason for both the infertility and the cancer, though at the time, it was difficult to appreciate. I hope that the whole wrong number scenario is to your very great benefit and that you can take some comfort from my "wrong number" scenario. I remember the tight throat, the tears, the discomfort, the pain of waiting, the fear of something going wrong - so, I will pray for you.

Hang in there - you will be fine, even though you don't feel fine now. One day, it will all be a blur. :)

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