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Well, I guess I spoke too soon on the about 2 am I was [B]VERY[/B] uncomfortable and thought I was going to be sick. :rolleyes: It turns out I hyperstimed a little, but feeling better today.

Anyway, they said that 12 out of 13 were mature and out of those 12, 7 fertilized! :bouncing: I was hoping for more but if even half those continue to divide I'll be happy. :)
So my transfer day will either be Saturday (day 3) or Monday, (day 5). I'll know more on Sat. I would love to put back 2 to get a higher chance of one and maybe even twins! But, since I already hyperstimed, my RE is advising against it if I do go to blast stage, day 5, since it is probable that both, if very good, would implant. And after pregnancy starts, the hyperstimming gets worse. She thinks at that point it should only be one. But they really have to wait and see the quality and the number and advise what would be best.

Anyway, tropbelle you wanted to know how they take my eggs? I did get anestesia, which I was so nervous about. Didn't feel a thing until I woke up about a half hour later, then I was pretty sore. I think they stick a long needle at the end of a probe and then there's a suction thing that takes them out from each side. They have to insert the needle through the vaginal wall and "puncture" the ovary. I'm not too sure about any more than that.
And yes, my DH did the deed there at the office ;) ~while I was in "surgery." He wasn't shy about it at all and we actually preffered it b/c we live more than 20 mintues away with traffic. They did freeze a sample prior to yesterday just in case, for back-up, but didn't need it. You could have your Dh do the same if he feels the pressure. (Although, they say that frozen sperm is harder to see quality b/c their motility is lower.)

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on the transfer. And I can't wait to hear all your journeys soon. Good luck! :angel:

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