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km7503- :wave:

I am very happy for you :D . I too have to have IVF w/ ICSI. We are only able to have one cycle because we both have issues and our chances are less than 5%. My husband has a very low count & mobility, and for me well the only thing I can remember them telling me is after I did the clomid challenge test my fsh shot up to the high 20's. We had one place turn us down (uconn) and then the center we are at now (boston ivf) said they would give it a try after their board approved it. Supposedky they've put me on the highest doses. The Pen is 450 in the AM and the repronex 150 in the evening for now. Then I guess there's another shot, ganirelix in about 10 days, & ovidrel and then a pill called promtrium, 3 times a day. My husband is giving the shots to me since I too can't stand needles. He gave me the shot this morning about 1/2 after I got up, it was rather awaking. I think I might try to ice the area tonight though and see if it helps out. I'm going for acupuncture 2-3 times a week too. I've read good things about it. I stopped the caffeine about 2 weeks ago and alcohol too. What was the transfer like? Did you have an ultrasound done before like they are telling me I need? How long before you know anything? Was this your first time? I'll keep you in my prayers tonight :angel:

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