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I used to be on the TTC board all the time last I find myself here on the infertility board...this is really strange (sigh). I know many people on this board have been TTC for many years, and my hubby and I are like newbies compared to some, but I'm just feeling frustrated.

Anyway, I've been off the BCP over a year. Since I've been off the BCP, my periods have been weird, so I was suspicious there was some type of a problem (long cycles, brown spotting for days before my period, etc). So in February, I had my first ovary U/S to check how big my follicles were to see if I was ovulating. All my previous cycles seemed to suggest that I ovulated days 17-19 (temps and Ovulation tests), so my U/S was on day 17, and my follicles were small. The U/S was repeated 2 days later and they were like 1.0cm and 0.8cm (largest), plus my uterine lining is thin. Of course after those ultrasounds, my cycle became even cycle lasted about 65-70 days. I'm in my new cycle, but with all the spotting before my period this time around, I'm not totally sure which CD I'm on. Anyway, my Dr. started me on Clomid on what we thought was day 3-7, and I just had another ovary ultrasound today, and again my follicles are small and my uterine lining is thin. Because of the thin uterine lining, I wouldn't even be a candidate for IVF, because even if a baby were conceived, it couldn't implant in a thin uterine wall. :( My OBGYN told me to wait for the next cycle, try Clomid again, days 3-7. I just wonder...why?? We don't even know what the problem is!! I really want to know what exactly is causing these weird cycles. I mean, yeah I want to get pregnant, but I just feel like she's doing guesswork to get me there. I'm just a little frustrated and down...I feel completly let down that I'm such a lost cause I can't even do IVF. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any experience with small follicles or thin uterine lining, or even with irregular periods...or anything at all...I guess I just needed to vent a little frustration.

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