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Hi KM03
Please please stay positive because I will tell you something!Yes I have heard of this happening because it happened to me last year! On day 10 I used a home pregnancy kit with a neg result and then to my surprise on day 11 I had a positive with the blood test!!
The problem with the home kits is that even though the technology today is extremely advanced they are really only designed to be used at home-that is most people have already missed their period and the HCG hormone is produced exponentially!!every day.they suggest an early morning urine as the concentration of the hormone is high for the first urine sample of the day!
However the BHCG test using blood is such a different situation-it is a quantitative test which means they dilute out the serum component of the blood and can detect the hormone at very low levels using sophisticated analysers!!
Sorry to rave on I worked in pathology and an IVF lab for many years!Can you believe that!!So ironic!!Lots and lots of baby dust to you just hang in there x
This happened last month to my friend after her first IVF. Negative home pregnancy test and then the doctor said her blood was positive....she told him to retest as it couldn't be possible, so he did and it was. It took a further two weeks for a home pregancy test to change to positive (not sure why she kept on testing!!! :) Please don't cry, wait and see what tomorrow brings. Good luck!

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