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IVF Question
Apr 23, 2006
Hi All-
When you do IVF and it is your retrieval, are you completely put under? How long are you at the hospital? How much does the retrieval hurt..(be honest). Is the transfer bad? or is it like an IUI? What about the shots, I have done Follistim injections for about 12 days with IUI along with Hcg trigger shot on 2 days. So, in comparison how bad is it?
Thanks for being honest with all the information, it is just really overwhelming and scary to me. I am meeting with the doctor on Wed. to discuss IVF for May/June.
Re: IVF Question
Apr 23, 2006
Well for the retrieval, you get general anestesia.You basically go to sleep and they have an anestesiologist (sp?) on hand. When I woke up, I had some mild discomfort/cramping but not too bad. I guess it could hurt more if they had a lot to take out or poked around a bit more. I think it depends. My cramping and soreness lasted a couple of days but I was still able to move around~just not too much. I had to stay an hour after the retrieval and then went home, still very groggy :yawn: but fine. Oh and I wasn't at a hospital~ the RE office had a "mini hopsital" (best way I can describe it) set up across the hall from the general office where the embryologists were. That's where they did the retrievals and transfers.

I never did an IUI but imagining it to be similar. The only discomfort during the transfer is the specula thing (not sure what it's called) and when they push down on your belly with the sonogram tool to get a good picture for guidance.

The shots weren't that bad. If you've done follistim before, then it's probably pretty similar. ;) I guess it'll depend on if they give you a higher dose. The PIO is a little hard to handle though if you don't like needles. (They're intramuscular and the needle is about 3 times bigger than the other ones! :eek: ) They hurt a few times going in. My advice is to heat up the needle in hot water to soften the oil, massage the spot afterwards and and [B]never[/B] ice! (Otherwise it hurts much more going in and you get lumps in your butt! :p )

IVF is a bit scary but as days go by, it gets easier to handle. In the beginning, I was crazy making sure I was doing everything right :confused:, but then I just took it a day at a time. And, that's probably the best advice I can give. I know that sounds trite :rolleyes: , but it's true.
And sadly, :( even though I thought my cycle went well, I still got a BFN. Hopefully this next cycle, I can be more relaxed and it'll be my BFP! :angel: I hope you have better first time results! Keep us posted. I may go through my next cycle at the same time as you and we could be cycle buddies!! :bouncing:
Re: IVF Question
Apr 23, 2006
km- I am so excited that we will be cycling buddies!!!! It will be great to go through it with someone. I am very scared for the progesterone injections, I have heard they are bad:( I hated the Hcg shot, I was always a little sore the next day from them. How long do you do the progesterone shots, and how many a day?
I have taken the last two months off from treatments, but have still been trying naturally. I just got a positive on the OPK yesterday so we will cross our fingers and see if maybe this will be the month:)
I was pregnant last summer and had a miscarriage in July and have been unsuccessful since! It is so frustrating because we got pregnant on th 2nd month of IUI or anything! And now we have done 4 IUI with clomid (2 more months) then 2 months with Follistim injections. Drives me crazy! The only thing I can hope for is with IVF that we will have twins!!!!! I would be so thrilled. I would even be fine with triplets at this point because we would be done with all this junk!
Well, sorry for such a long post, but I am excited we will be together through this time. I wish you a better outcome this time around :angel:

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