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Re: IVF Question
Apr 26, 2006
I had one retrieval with demerol and valium which HURT LIKE HELL! The next one was under general but I just had to wait an hour afterwords. You will need an escort home and will not be allowed to drive. You will miss the whole day of work and you won't know the date until a day and a half beforehand. The transfer feels like an IUI and will cost you about half a day of work but there will be no drugs.

After the retrieval you may have unpleasant side effects like bloating, constipation, etc. which are a) because your ovaries are way way larger than normal and have just been stuck many times with needles and b) you've just had a huge shot of pregnancy hormone. (For this reason it's important not to "cheat" and test early because the shot might give you the worst case scenario: a false positive.)

My clinic says progesterone in oil for ten weeks. The idea is that normally progesterone is made from the corpus luteum (egg follicle) but because they empty all the egg follicles your body cannot make it. (You could have a small follicle release another egg and get it that way but they assume you will have no follicles.) By the end of ten weeks, the placenta has started making progesterone so you don't do any more shots. It's once a day if you're under 40, twice a day if you're over forty. The needle looks scary but in my opinion it feels exactly the same going in as the smaller shots.

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