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:confused: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone! I have a question and I hope you guys dont think it is stupid. My question is what would implantation spotting be like. I am on day 26 and I had an LH surge on day 15 at night and I felt some ovulation pain on day 16. This morning I woke up and it seemed like I was getting my period...I saw some blood but now I don't have any. I think that I am just spotting before my period but my dh thinks maybe it is implantation there a way to tell the difference. I have had some breast tenderness which is normal for me before AF and the pain seems less today which also makes me think that it is jus AF.

My other question is if I am unsuccessful this month I am going to have the HSG test done which I am there a certain time during the month that the test is performed and will I be able to continue with treatments this month or will they make me take the month off. Just wondering. Thank you everyone for taking time to read my long post. You all are always so wonderful and helpful. I just wish I could be more of a help...i am still learning. Good luck to you all.


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