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Well I start Lupron am and pm tomorrow and then Follistim Friday eve. I had my baseline today and also my trial transfer today. I stopped BCP Sat so this is day 3 for me - no AF yet. The RE was not concerned about it. At the trial transfer there was another girl present. She did not have a name tag that I remember and was not introduced to me as a nurse or a student. She was also present during the baseline ultra sound. Well during the trial transfer the doctor was training her in identifying all the structures on the screen and then she walked up behind him and he proceded to show her everything else anatomically - you know what I mean. He was more concerned in showing her stuff than actually talking to me and telling me what he was seeing.:dizzy: I would not have objected to him brining a student in, but really please ask first, then introduce the person you are going to show my cervics to and then please remember I am actually in the room and also would like to know what you are seeing on the screen. This is my body for goodness sake and it is attached to me the PERSON with a name that you are treating:blob_fire. Just had to vent.
CHJH are you sore yet from stimming? Did your estrogen levels pick up? They found 8 follicles so they still do not think I will be a major egg producing machine. That is OK I would love to end up with 2 blasto's and no left over 2 freeze, but it is not in my hands. Good luck 2 you over the next few days and tons of baby dust!!!!

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