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I began ttc 2 yrs ago the day after I turned 36. 8 months later I went to my new OB/Gyn (I did go to my prior doc for a pre-ttc checkup - he just took a quick peek and said I was OK). This doctor noticed a discharge and that my cervix was red (it bled slightly when he touched it). He checked a wetslide and barely found Trich and said it had been there for quite some time. When I think back, I probably had it for 8 yrs. Duh - but I thought the discharge was normal stuff - I was uneducated. It is said to just be a nuisance infection and it can create a hostile environment for sperm. My husband and I were treated and I was re-checked and he said everything looked great. I still did not get pg by Feb '05 so I went to see the doc (new one - insurance changes a lot!). He ran hormone tests and they were all good (FSH, Progesterone - CD21 2x, etc.). I was positive for ureaplasma so he gave me Doxycycline but said my husband didn't need it and when I asked him about re-testing he said no, would probably get a false-positive. I also had a HSG done. The radiologist had a hard time and said I had a severely tilted uterus. They saw the dye go through the right tube but then the balloon popped at the end of the probe. He joked that I could get pg with one tube. OK. SO, not sure on the left tube. I went to see a RE in Septt= '05 that is the head of a busy fertility clinic. He read the HSG report, looked at me and said "Clinical error". He did a vaginal ultrasound and said everything looked good, and that I had several ripe follicles (this was just before midcycle). He shot saline in and it came out one side right away (I could see it on the monitor) but the other side wasn't doing anything. He said to the nurse "Maybe that's what he meant". Uh oh. Then a little bit later the other side showed saline coming out - but from what I saw it didn't look like a lot. Since then I've researched and it could be preferential spillage, but I am kind of nervous about the one tube. Also, with my infection history I am worried about both tubes and the cilia and fimbria. The RE ran a TSH (thyroid) test and my TSH was high @ 6.34 so a week and a half later I had a full thyroid panel done. TSH was 4.99, elevated FT4, T3 uptake, and thyrogobulin antibodies. He put me on .100mg Synthroid for 2 wks and I went hyper to .01 TSH. Then he had me on .075 mg for 2 wks, TSH .03. Then .05mg for 2 wks, TSH still .03. He took me off it for 2 wks, TSH .22. Kept me off another 2 wks, TSH 8.34. I was on .05mg for 2 wks, TSH 3.15. He declared me "OK". I was on that dose for 2.5 months and still felt terrible so consulted an endo I found on the AACE website (which suggests normal is .5 - 2.5 TSH, lower than most docs think). He also ran an ACTH (adrenal) test b/c of how many prolonged colds I've had and how they knock me out like the flu, and b/c of some fainting episodes. I also had all the symptoms on some adrenal sites. Well, that was OK and he said I was OK @ 3.84 TSH even though he said he could get me to aboutg 1.5 TSH and even though I told him all my symptoms @ 3.15. I called back and asked what am I supposed to do - feel horrible?!? I asked to try .075 mg so he's letting me try it for 5 weeks. I figure I need to find a more up-to-date endo! Sigh. Also, I read one should be @ 1-2 TSH in order to conceive. I seem to ovulate - I've been charting and I get a temp rise midcycle. I took an OPK a few months ago and got the LH rise, but who knows if that meant I really ovulated... I did get two positive results in Oct '04. Also at that time I had tons of EWCM (2 cycles) but after that was when I started having many more hypothyroid symptoms (especially throat tightening, tiredness, coldness) and did not have much EWCM at all. I noticed some of it returning the last few months after being on thyroid medication. My cycles are pretty regular and 5 days long, but I do get occasional really painful ones, like this cycle. Even the ibuprofen didn't help. The heating pad relieved some pain. I had a lot of pain and (TMI) had diarrhea and almost threw up. I haven't had it that bad since Oct '04. I'm wondering if I have endo or if this is b/c my thyroid and hormones are all messed up. The RE wants to schedule me for IUI (he declared both tubes stat) but I don't think it will happen with my TSH @ 3.15 and with how I feel crappy still, and I wonder about my tubes and possible adhesions they couldn't see with the two procedures. I am now almost 38.5 and the clock is ticking loudly. I really would love to have one child at least, or at least know I tried my best. We are not covered for IVF and other ART so that stinks. I get my TSH tested in 2 wks and if it is still high Im going to find another endo. This one didnt even test anything beyond TSH aaarrrgghh. Should I just go to another doctor and ask for a Lap and falloscopy? I really think with my past history of infections (plus when I was 19-mid 20's I wasn't educated on STDs and wasn't careful) and the goofy procedures that I may have problems besides my thyroid.
Well, if anyone can relate or has an opinion please post - TIA! :)

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