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Hi everyone....

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I know how horrifically damaging chlamydia can be/is. I am a 31 year old female that just had a total hysterectomy in september of 2005 because of the damage it can do. I had it when i was 16 from a boyfriend who was cheating on me. Same situation where I know who/when...i had it for about 9 months give or take a few weeks. And here is how it all played out....

I was 17 when i went to my doctor (i had already gotten rid of the STD) in a panic because I had just read that it can cause infertility. Because my medical insurance was going to expire when i turned 18, he wanted to do an histiosalpingogram....which is when they go up through the vagina and inject dye into your uterus and it gets pushed through your tubes. This allows them to see the path the dye takes through then they know if the ends of your tubes are blocked, etc.

Well, he saw that the dye came out on the ends like it should but it didn't look quite it was pointed in the wrong direction so to speak. So then he wanted to do the Laparoscopy which is the surgery where they insert a scope (usually into your belly button area) to look things over and look for scar tissue. This is when he discovered that my tubes were very badly damaged and sort of 'clubbed' at the ends from scar tissue. He removed what he could during that surgery. i was just a couple weeks away from my 18th birthday at that point. THEN when i was 20 I got pregnant with my daughter. All went well and smoothly. About 18 months after she was born, my husband and I wanted to have another one. We tried and tried for a year and then it finally happened. Sadly though, it ended up being ectopic (a pregnancy in the fallopian tube) and it caused me to have internal bleeding...they literally RUSHED me into immediate surgery because my blood count was so bad that I truly could have died. I was in the hospital for 4 days. Exaclty one month later to the day I was rushed into the hospital AGAIN with internal bleeding...they didn't get it all and the tube had now ruptured completely. Again, immediate surgery. This time they removed the tube and tried to repair the remaining one. No luck. Since then, I had unbearable abdominal pain from the scar tissue (it doesn't matter how much they remove it, scar tissue will always rebuild itself. How quickly it rebuilds itself varies), and constant problems with my bowells as well. Last year (june) I went to my doctor (not the same one, he was no longer practicing) and told him that i had had enough...I accepted I couldn't have more children and I wanted the pain to stop. He reviewed my history and told me I was a candidate for an hystorectomy if I opted for it. After thinking it over, I knew in my gut (no pun intended, lol) that there was still much wrong inside of me and I definitely wanted the surgery. Besides, I knew I wouldn't be having more children so why have the depressing monthly reminder? :confused: Anyhow...i had the surgery 8 months ago. When they sent it all to pathology, they discovered that my uterus, ovaries, tube, and cervix were all invaded by scar tissue...there are two conditions pertaining to scar tissue: Endometriosis (which is scar tissue attaching itself to the outsides of your organs) and Adenomyosis (which is scar tissue that actually burrows INTO your organs). I had adenomyosis...(these are conditions, NOT std's). This can and will also attach to your intestines, bladder, etc. I was a mess in there, so they took EVERYthing out. So now I am 31 and on hormone replacement therapy.

Chlamydia is a very very very serious infection. It can go unnoticed for a very long time. Many women who have it are not symptomatic, which means they have no signs or symptoms of an infection. During that time, it is destroying your insides. PLEASE do not NOT go to a doctor out of fear or embarrassment. You NEED antibiotics and you need to request a laparoscopy if your insurance allows. Some insurance companies will not cover it if it is fertility related. I was doctor fibbed a bit and said it was to look for the origin of my pain...not completely untrue, but he knew it was fertility related. Maybe your doctor can do the same?

Please, please, please go see your doctor ASAP. I know from experience what it does. Yes, I am lucky to have had one daughter, but going through years of disappointment and tears and pain is far worse than the embarrassment I felt when I was told I had an STD.

I am not trying to scare anyone or anything of that nature...but only sharing my story to let everyone know that it IS very much something to worry about. Also, it is YOUR may need to really push with your doctor to get further testing other than a clean pap smear....take it from me...just because the infection is gone does NOT MEAN YOU ARE WELL in there.

Good luck!!!


PS. Also, between the time I had the first surgery and the tubal pregnancy I had two miscarriages....

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