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Re: About IVF...
May 16, 2006
First, I would not tell your boss what you are doing. The reasons are obvious, beginning with it being none of their business and ending with it just adding pressure on you, especially if they turn out to be sympathetic. If anyone at work knows you did IVF, then you'll have to tell them your test results. Then, they'll know of your pregnancy far too early and you could be facing a difficult set of conversations should you have a miscarriage.

Depending on your commute, you may be able to make it to work ontime or only slightly late following most of the ultrasounds and blood draws. But of course if they both fall on workdays the retrieval will put you out of work for a full day and the transfer will kill half a day. Your decision then is whether to give your boss a vague warning like "I'll be out for a couple of days but I don't know quite when." This is what makes it touchy. You feel like it will be, like, totally obvious that you're doing IVF. But unless they actually have personal experience with it, they'll be clueless. If the retrieval falls luckily on a day that will mandate a weekend transfer, you can simply call in sick on retrieval day.

As to what to say, if questions arise? "Doctor's appointment" is as much explanation as anyone is entitled to. If your boss is male, go with "it's something female" and offer to supply the details! Nothing will kill the idle curiosity faster than your threat to start discussing things like periods and ovarian ANYTHING!

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