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UPDATE: PinkLadyBug
May 15, 2006
Hello everyone. I know it has been a while since I last posted anything, but I have signed on a few times and read through what is going on. I have been over at, there are a lot of friendly ladies and a lot more information. I decided to leave there and move back here because my progress is moving backwards, and I am to the point now that the people there do not understand: INFERTILE.

Here's my update (you might want a tissue, I'm already crying...)-

My cycles were becoming longer and longer since my break from Metformin, and finally I went in to see one of the best OB/GYN's in Seattle who is also partnered with the best RE's in Seattle (according to Seattle Magazine!). She was sooo very aggressive with treatment, took me seriously, and listened to my concerns. I could not even begin to ask for a better doc. She prescribed Progesterone to "jump start" my menstration and to shed all the build-up I have from a 50+ day cycle. Well, AF has yet to show (she's due back from her now 53 day vacation on Wednesday -5/17), and I am not preg because the doc said to let my body be in the best baby-making condition before begining Clomid. We also, at that time, had a SA done on DH. He has had one before back in our home town, and they said that everything was fine, but never gave us exact numbers or stats -I didn't ask because I was so very new to TTC at that time, almost 4 years ago. Well, Friday we got the results: Count (quantity/concentration) is a little low, but within "normal" range; Motility (including speed and forward movement) are all good and within "normal" range; PH is a little high, but still within "normal" range; and here's the kicker: Morphology is low and not within "normal" range. Of all things that could be wrong with DH's sperm, it is one of the most vital things that is not "normal". This, along with me having PCOS makes it next to (and I mean standing shoulder to shoulder here) impossible.

So, we had a good cry this past weekend and ran back to our home town to get support from our family and friends. We have decided to do 3-4 rounds of IUI, the first with Clomid, and the remaining with hMG injections (if we get that far). If those fail, we will wait a few years and try 3 rounds of IVF. If those fail, we will be childless. Maybe by then DH will agree to adopt, but right now he sees it as "taking care of someone elses kid cause they did not want to". His exact words, none are mine, I would take a child in a heartbeat.

We really are hoping for a true Miracle. All we need is one. A baby is all DH and I have ever wanted together, but we both refuse to spend the better part of our lives being depressed and grieving our lack of conception. We will have to give up eventually. We don't want to look back on our lives, and say that we spend two decades trying to make something that we were never going to get.

So there it is. We go in for our first round this cycle (around June 1), and go from there. Please keep us in your thoughts and help us pray for our Miracle as I will do for you.


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